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Welcome to the unofficial Boards of Canada wiki by Fredd-E. Feel free to contribute.


Note: This section has been partially transcluded from the main News page.



  1. Snippet Contest
  2. WATB
  3. Statements from Hexagon Sun


  1. Boards of Canada: Worte sind wie Nadeln, auf jeden Fall gefährlich für schöne, bunte Luftballons
  2. Let's Open The Time Capsule
  3. Boards of Canada: Magical, Mystery, Cycling
  4. A Música de Dança é Preguiçosa
  5. Societas x Tape
  6. EHX Boards of Canada web pages announcement
  7. Boards of Canada: We Are The (Folk) Robots
  8. Boards of Canada: Music of Struggle...
  9. Boards of Canada: Vi Sampler til Helvede og Tilbage
  10. Boards of Canada: The new work is like a bright-blue-green color...


Basic Guidelines

Deeper Involvement

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No, they aren't. Please read the first paragraph of the discography. Also copies of these albums were only given to friends and family of the band which implies that it is not possible to acquire them on the internet.

  • I downloaded a collection of BoC tracks labeled as A Few Old Tunes Volume 2. Legit?

There is no such thing as A Few Old Tunes Volume 2. The tracks you downloaded however are most likely a collection of tracks from genuine BoC compilations; probably compiled from the following authentic BoC material: A Few Old Tunes, Old Tunes Volume 01 and/or Old Tunes Volume 02.

No, they are just a bunch of mislabeled mp3s floating around the internet. Please see the Discography for more information.

  • Are BoC pagans / satanists / [various other strange suggestions]?

No, they are just normal lads like you and me. Please read the Interviews for more insights.