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== Audio Sample ==
== Audio Sample ==
== Youtube Clip ==
== Youtube Clip ==

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Alphaquest refers to a segment from Sesame Street.

"(This is the theme song heard no matter what the letter of the day is. A black girl runs up and down a hallway filled with doors. The animated effect on the doors has letters floating behind them all. On the last line, she finds a door with one letter on it, reads it and then opens it to begin her latest adventure. Short and sweet but I've had a LOT of requests for it.)

Doorways up and down the hall
Wonder what's behind them all?
Doors that lead to anywhere
Got to A, B, C what's there
Got to A, B, C, Decide
Where's the door I haven't tried?
A, B, C, D, East and West
Going on an Alphaquest!" From here

Audio Sample

Youtube Clip