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An Eagle In Your Mind Video Contest

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The An Eagle In Your Mind Video Contest was a Boards of Canada fan video contest held by WATMM in 2003. The videos were judged by the band themselves, who also supplied the prizes.


The contest results were posted on June 10th on WATMM. The results were delayed as BoC were apparently away from Hexagon Sun for some time.

Instead of picking a single winner, the band awarded prizes to three videos. In addition to the expected prize of a signed copy of Geogaddi for each winner, the first place entry received a "very rare" signed metallic Music Has the Right to Children poster.

"We were impressed with the amount of work everyone put into this competition and ended up picking three favourites rather than one. there were quite a few great films submitted, some using using lovely super8 filmclips and some very nice fuzzy video. i know it's a cliche to say it was difficult to choose a winner, but it was. so in the end we figured the john-carpenter-tachyon-video-esque "corsair" clip by magnus hedberg was nicely done, especially with the additional sounds. next up was the norman mclaren-ish abstract clip that (anon?) made for "june 9th", which upon close inspection reveals nice little synchronisations to the different melody parts in our track. and finally the overall winner is the brilliant day-glo "gyroscope" clip by billy clayton, which has just the right lysergic qabala sesame street feel to it. great stuff. an honourable mention to the dreamy stills by david cameron who does a fine job unweaving our little tapestries on his site. well done to everyone who entered the competition and thanks for putting so much work in. and thanks for listening so closely...
keep up the Wo God Rok.... mike sandison" [1]

The prizes arrived at Joyrex's on June 27th (including stickers for all entries) and were distributed to the winners.