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Energy Warning

Energy Warning
Running time 0:35
Appears on Geogaddi

  • Energy Warning is track number 11 on the Geogaddi album. The bulk of the track is a sample of an 1979 public information advert on the topic of energy conservation by the North American youth organisation, 4-H.


  • "Energy is becoming one of our country's greatest concerns, if we don't start working on energy conservation there may not be enough energy to go around by the time I'm a parent. We're going to learn about how we can solve some of our problems through alternative energy sources. You can learn more about energy too - call your county cooperative extension service for more information. Conserving energy is everyone's responsibility. Call 4-H to find out how you can do your part."

The garbled burbling noise heard on the track sounds similar to the "Havana Gurgler", a shortwave radio jamming station used by the Cuban government to render the unwelcomely democratic Radio Marti unlistenable. More information.