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== Original text (Japanese)  ==
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title In An Imaginary Place Out In The Country
publication Cookie Scene
date 2002/03
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"In An Imaginary Place Out In The Country" is a 2002 interview by .... It originally appeared in the Japenese music magazine Cookie Scene.

English translation

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VERY roughly translated using, and

Page 2: "Quality between creating, sentence / Wada AkiraTaro question creation, interview, the translation / Ito EiHiraki-shitsu between creating / Aoki Tatsuya, Iizuka 耐志, Satoshi Hashimoto, Satoshi Honma Initially it was a grain of water droplets. Small ripples stood and fall to the surface of the water. And the ripples continue spread to earnestly, eventually was released in 1998 in the twin name of Warp / scum to billow than expected, the Bose-of Canada and the impact of "Music Has The Light tow Children" is the Masaniso Ui~tsu was it was felt. Engineering Direct pluronic music, ambient, box-flops, such as such as hip-hop, but all genres and words were used in order to epithet their sound, any words even go slipping through the side of their sound. But, but never no glitz, the flowing and, full of vitality, also was away somewhere Ukiyo, when sound, such as want has immersed also up, the nearest words was still "support Ikederikku". The beauty of the sound went continued spread around the world. It becomes exceptional long-seller while Indy over in the UK, despite Tsu countryside import board only been released in Japan, it had continued to increase the secretly to enthusiasts. They are "looking identity" their Who is that ... In other world what In other's guys that do has been started. But they did not you show me the whole picture easily. Interviews is not received little, artists photos rarely is Na bought was 6 membership that face is reflected, such as activities style, everything had been wrapped in the veil. They obsession became a cormorant'm called Scotland the greatest mystery, and until. And their sound went continue down the impact on the scene in a variety of ways. Their methodological part, texture of sound, structure, etc. do this Rekutoro two force of sound, IDM, post-rock, were being sold rose with the various nickname such as NUPSYCHEDEUC. But, still, Bose of Canada of sound is not never fade thing, it had been rather shine. Their sound was unique. And to back such a maximum grade of expectations, new Bose of Canada "Jiogadi" has been released. Sound and sound 'phrases and phrases, everything is composed of great beauty' is great euphoria of more than in previous work on the album total. More than Karekore 2 years from when there is announcement of the album system works, it will be the elaborated carefully in the meantime, there here is psychedelic world that only Bose-of Canada Tsukuridaseru. In addition, from the few people who was able to see them live, have also been told of Harashi elements of its live. Its live that is made to perfect blend of the psychedelic video and sound can not be helped because I wanted to look at all means. And finally, Bose of 2 people MICHAEL SANDISDN (below mic) of Canada and MARCUS EDIN (following Marcus) of mail interview to the success of the two people - No, I am glad to really. Because it was really people who want to hear the story. I do not know how much familiar to everyone of cookies scene readers, he found that the sound is worth a listen to one, by all means I want you to listen to us or that - hope that this interview is in the wake of Tsu." Now, before entering the interview, you'll want to recap their history pie Sai ing Rafi. And they were not the whole Ku information so far to say, but he was only Once it yourself Nashi course known at all 1. Now his "Jiogadi" Exit, which is distributed to the press along with the sale, this is their unknown history had jammed Gi~tsu Siri. This was to be 掲嘱 partially pressurizing forces in this to form chronology. They 4 or 引可 person of the? The part is now apparent. 1995 band and their friends luck in the summer of this year gathered in the center with their officially Hexagon Sun studio the naming Ordinance for child at the PENTLANO HILLS continued the production of the music video. Every spring and Hexagon Sun in summer had attracted the local A々 to organize a variety of small-scale music Ivu~e cement in the local. In addition to producing the several sheets of ER and album at this time Bose of Canada eyes the main production. These had been released from their label MU 馴 C off 0. But the very first release had been recorded melancholic melody of the song in the rough on the rhythm due to dry electronics in Sulo in the Limited Edition will ITWOISM "leave from another label not within the companion of self-minute us over or n Was elected to the "TOP TEN NUWSYCI-IEDELIC BANDS" with. Also in the same issue "Music Has The Light toe chill drain J is (TOP 25 PSYOHEOELIC REDO month OS ALL TIME" went into the preparation of the 24-position their in the summer of Rank in the b element in this year in the 2ND AL Date EM information that was entered. image Hexagon Sun live visuals were raised to make Bose of Canada with the cooperation of depressive and subliminal text Maybe you have been experimentally increased the degree of perfection by intact. 1976 馴 ~ Mike and Marcus will continue daily to immigration move both of the north of Scotland the UK childhood Southern and Canadian Al "such as the (Ichita. And that the 演異 of various instruments in this time went wearing . Ieruri and this is the original form of the Bose of Canada by the time had begun Around 1950 microphone, the birth is like say the first of 1 (, Version of this band on the coast of Sukotsutorando northeast. Then Ri this Sir or Macas is not yet joined 2. During the three years, microphone and its allies had started taking home movies with a force Mela and was making experimental sound using synth drum tape machine borrowed. also at that time this band is home for spar 8 (8rrn video) . they received a great deal of influence on the sound track of educational television documentary Mentari, movies and music that had been produced by the Soviet, .NAT old NAL that Kurosuo j (one of the video went been deepening Don Don FILM BOA Date 0 OF CAN AD A this young man who had been seen to be misses a documentary series of the video production company that was later named their bread de name "BOARDS OF CANADA" d In 1996 Chris was a member of Bozuobukanada is) left the (down de, Bose of Canada will be two of the current lineup microphone and Marcus. Lily in its own stance to Manchester factory Direct pluronic music after a while to SEAM, which has been scan will receive a Coby of "tWO ISM" Sean booth of checkmate force on the same day were contacted to pose of Canada. two Bose of Canada in order of release from SKAM RECORDS (HI when live with that SCORES EPJ a that made the record coding of (A) Autechre Panasonic was held in July opening LONDON of this year (now pan Sonic) Cylob, visual Bafo performance Bose of Canada is due to the Super 8 video a full live, including also I went. Was held at the lighthouse on the River Thames in 2000 opening LONDON "THE IN CR 001 days LE WARP LIGHTHOUSE PA Date TV" in checkmate Kapuraddoeifu Engineering Kkusutsuin, I was starring striped together with about artists our SKAM and SCHEMATIC level. And EPFIN A BEAUTIFUL PLACE OUT IN THE COUNTRY I IC\ was released in November. 2001 "work only to from a number of reasons, such as" 0 arbitrary, "" I want to protect the everyday life "judge, extremely little information is interviews and photos is to fret the less and less listener luck to one care. Participated in the "FALL TOMORR [river S PARTIES" that Tortoise has served as a curator in April under such circumstances. It was high evaluation hundred Xiang appeared as the headliner of the second day. Autechre one in a model like the later titled FALL TOMOR month OWS PARTIES 1 01 (II) of the shake Futuroscope's 73 Sea & Cake Tele Pigeon ® Latin Gore et al also appeared this event C Russia has been U lease 1966 Macas was subscribed to 1 (end of the microphone as a bassist. He and colleagues was the presence of the only in the local as ripe 1 rather than end to JunTakashi minimalist engineering Rekutoronikkumi "logic in hard. At a local country town Live Pando and say "Wei Niyu~yokudo Luz and glam rock, such as Poizuso (ed. Note this time is Yuan Li over Kurt Pui vellus hair, such as represented in Pando, such as Homestead Sista" Masui makeup metal band numerous appearance island that has been subjected chart also had notice and ranked. he probably [have and it seems is pointing to that of Sodo] the Kano (McCulley path command 4 to one went 1 so there were countless. Limited EP Shirizukaku SKAM of 1997 (MASK ". MUSIK ADS Lilith has been 6 first piece of this series from STORM (the mark has been recorded their tracks. Series products the second piece (and the volume Zuopukanada In Cl undercover unit or to have been recorded songs of Heruinta face that has been rumored. pose of Canada of the songs from this time it came to be licensed in combination Les tions that are produced all over the world. in addition Hell interface terface as also new had been doing a lot of remix work as a release or Bozuobukana da the sound source. at the time Bose of Canada had went to live in the United Kingdom around, especially on the stage using the super-8 video in this year in July of PHOENIX FESTIVAl Bafomansu momentarily to send a subliminal Menseji was calling a big topic. Defeated the February 2002 long silence 2ND album "Jiogadi" (Riori "Over scan 1 Reference Shi叫 Warp Records created with press releases @ ⑧ Ablative Giant 0 range @ - 11 band end of ~ l988 circa repeated Men Per change has been a large family of 14 people. Becomes 1 [command and video work further long casting to make its companion luck, I had also started a photo project. These video works vice child was given a soundtrack by the pause option Canada. The work of the group is effective to enhance the sensation such as nostalgia and confusion Kashikoshitsu, not for flights the psychedelic video and text was enigmatic bad delusional a mystery of macabre r. '1989 February 1998 Warp Records and Bose of Canada of this year to dodge the snow. Limited single next QUARIUS from SKAM] (after the 02 release of them were Furuaru / (1ST "Formulation logic Has The Light tow Children" .4 May to complete the arm (C) Beams U over the nest. The Arno (no was greeted with rave reviews in the mass media of the UK ~Yoroppa. Matadorureko's and pose of Canada of the American forces at the end of the Bose of Canada's name in Japan began known 1 this year license Keiyakuwokawasu. this year S month United Kingdom national Kuzureki Bose of Canada to long-established radio program "di tion beer show" of (the 8th C) was showing off and appeared to elementary sunny seems to live. John beer referred the broadcasting of this time as "best session" it was. the reed meta single a pattern of when this (F) has been released from the warp to the next year. Three Lin Valve

F = Unjika-ka Bozuobukanada was narrowed down to three Koameso J Koo.

? "讐

/ Forging " The studio building of eye worth us to give the force now sometimes engaged in the event, and its In this I was passing a visa Lumpur tape use the Bro Jefferies tor film mode two others. EP / SKAM Musical visual project in 1992 and 1994 small current Professor had started. This wild (Hexagon Sun is the end of comrades began a regular event REDMSON 9151-IT in the studio of their score Ttorando. It is the customer beside a large bonfire burns had entered-out fertilizer, such as the old nursery rhyme but it was something that has been mixed with the regular transfected Loni Seok pulse. 1999 "Music Has The Light tow Children" of shock decline that in planning has been, but its many magazines in a1898 years of year question best various magazines was not the "Music Has The Light tow Children" is the name had been chosen. In February, I continued to run Quinn over the UK indie chart TOP2OI this comeback 3 weeks question. Was released at the same time "PEEL SESS old NI (P) also TOP 101 this long ranked and was continuing. S month of NME in Ma Curie Lev beta Pando, etc. A MASK 1 IEPISKAMI, S MASK 2 IE own SEAM) eight ITSARIUS and (E published SKAMI Mi flux Has The Light toe argument drained (LF based compensation RAPS KARl 0 PEEL SESSION (EP Remuneration ARPI ⑥IN A BE8STIFUL PLACE OUT (N THE COSNTRV IEP eight RAP P1 19 V.AJALL TOMORROWS PARTIESl 0 ILPIATP) of Jiogadi (LPIWA API"

Page 3: "I preface becomes longer, it is an interview start from here to them! This interview is they become three parts, first part 1 by applying their roots, Atari that started to release the records from childhood, the focus on side Rino activities over the 0's from the day off 0's midfield you have to hear the story. ● The grayed J slave name, but is the story the documentary V one series of production company called National Film Boards Of Canada that was attached from the fact that you guys had a good look, it's mainly throat contents such as documentary the seemed wanted was? Do what theme had been well taken up? To imagine the current from your our music, "from social phenomena to large mystery of nature, deeply close to various events" can you get was something like? Marcus "So," educational of mainly like that, was the contents. We'm looking for things like that, even now, and as becomes those increasingly ridiculous TV, such a program recently more and more less I'm becoming. there, to far journey represents that traverse the wilderness there was also that it is a document, for example a time of environmental issues thoria Ri was 1 Na, in a variety of safety of society there was also that of content such as sound the alarm bells. in music is very unique, which is flow is subject to such a video, I received my argument'm very inspired. just the music Of not only style, very old, and also including that it or was too good wards quality tone. Music, such as was used in the soundtrack, did not exist anywhere else "● for us Japanese, series of words that Boards Of Canada is, isnt, the is but painful grasp the image, the production company yada leave it by removing the fact this phrase only the retrieved if, English is it a thing of what the image is spread to people whose native language? I wonder if not you feel in words, such as omitting a part of something of organization microphone that "those who are in the native language of English is located in 'Canada. In any case, does not mean form a clear meaning. the'm, there it is also our hope. it can be interpreted even your discretion, that is, According to say either "● bio and ambiguous, around r Mike and Marcus are still children, Boards of Canada in 1976 around the end a I have issued. Sukotsutorando north and of England south, A force Nada 'I ,, (immigration, etc. Ichita, in the days of repeating the move' duo went wearing Starring response rates of various musical instruments "Well. Destination, [before the term was born that it can be said that the first of Vu ~Ajon of Boards of Canada "in 1980, why it is written, J you are issued a r end bother to 11,976 circa J is trying to what?" move I think sushi, is the 's important part of the repeating "think it would've been given a considerable influence on the current of you guys music. could you because any influence of? to Marcus" such a move, we will than what large MARCUS EDIN Or down It may be said that it has received a deal of influence. For example Sukosotorando to the north, there is a very beautiful nature. But there is there even brutal r barren earth "for human beings, children who live there is not much to Rukoto. Also I'm less given entertainment. If there is such a experience, "a thing as self-sufficiency heart that is stirred up by the decision to try to create something, and I think the squid such not you never did learn his own" ● 11980 first of the version of Boards of Canada to around that it can be said that the original form was born, microphone and a few fellow synthesizer, it was written in biotechnology and "was making experimental music with such Tefu Ma scene. Speaking of that time, Surobingu-Gurissuru and calibration Valley Avold tail, it is time that This Heat, such as the United States of Residenz had been closed, Abbu in music media (at least in Japan of some of the media, it was so). Did not or is Insubaia to such things? Or did not know at all what was said so? Some of Marcus "such a band but knew from our time '1 of pillows has always listened to the rough loose kind of music. Received a musically most influence in early Bose-of-Canada is, at the same time rather than a band, also music that was affixed to the film, example TV Documentary series Kana "● you guys of the 1980 experimental music brute of Riohajimeru door, Sue, 5 one 8 (8 it is so filmmaking also began a millimeter). Previous Yonanoku command who was mentioned in the question also, video, or rather to have been emphasized in the same way as the music a visual representation, it seems to have captured the music as part of the art, including those was Tsu consensus . For example, like say that very well early in the Human emissions League was buying members of r video J in charge. You guys are such a band who, or even as the media did not know their a "movement" as had been Motehayashi, match of the this Ui~tsu was age specific chance you or you think that interesting. How are you? I think it's Mike "really match of natural chance. At that time, precisely because we're it is relatively cheap, had crowded into that of Fu stand. One mouth one-a § b music production, another 8 and urge roast was making the mouth one-PHI video production. of his own music using the Miri, impulse that might have want to make a video of yourself, simple in the early to wonder 7 80s are Musubi~tsui, someone There can be invented a cheap Terebashi-Massy down, the After the artistic Eide dia were to have been projected on the people of the head, we both bands we like the name was up until now, been using the idea Tanjah or no tame and, in any case it's surely likely (laughs) "●, or as you guys, was how we regard the relationship at the time r music" and r video "(or visual. arts)? Its to. How do you perceive now? Marcus "to .70's that I think that there are various stages, in relation to Akira 9 and music, was <'s experiment had been done. But there is, before the background 1 Crested Butte ~Ifuru of people that music at the same time and dancing in"

Page 4: "Shot with J river IAOL SANDISON There was also commercial aspects of that ". What was said this had been hiding it or appear in a much longer question, surface. There was Hakateri Stari. Recently, the commercial music scene, that you also feel like coming back it is also. But, on the other hand, artists who obtain 捉 the video as a special palette was also always present. They are the video, has been considered as one of the elements in music creation. 1 Giku-rawa, I want to think fellow of such people. Of that video elements for us, never intended to be incidental to the music, not even of the come with from after "● 90's Aphex Twin from the first half, turned Uteka, such as Wharf label is attention, so it went to people the Bose to us and Isshiyo. Of. Canadian music is also a force Tegoraizu, or tend to be told in segments such as "electronics Toronika" 11DM (Intelligent Desukuto Zuph Music) "(especially in Japan) there. While However, to you guys of the music, the accumulation of already 及Pu own activities in more than 20 years, but I feel that there is also no Miotose as of will. Marcus "of such a form is attached position in the history of music is included in it by some is that happy. D Rekutoronika, such as the scene is' still To also new 1DM. A lot of artists out there. many of such people, the last four, five years music to or are affected by:. on the other hand, in the case of us, also it dating back to more ancient times first act argument "J Hiroshi or with, it is very, J 'Sana it because not listen to music, have been made ​​from time. Dakarapo "The Peel" dark music 1 and go, or come out completely different things and artists that are told in this kind of scene. In any case, it is same like ~Ya not to talk about it is limited within a particular scene. Even thinking myself of favorite bands, people of Hotonto is unique, is doing the things of their own. It does not belong to any scene, to the called or "● 90's first half does not belong events, close to the bottom again a microphone" We're location tell us about Retsudomun Night that you guys had done, Red there was a place known by the name-time over down 016-century monastery of debris. etc. only have roof also gone, amazing place is that .... is hiding in the forest, it became a feeling, such as was guarded by nature there shining .1 or <et al., had been occasionally auger Nuys 100 people scale of the party from 50 people. Pokura himself made ​​music is of course, anything if it is a strange music, allowance was Ri only the bonfire gradually turning to or try. lights and candles. people who came in there everyone, Uny phrase respectively, think or not it could sometimes mysterious outdoor experience "● of yourselves studio, Hexagon of that vent land Hee J lesbian Sun is located, or will the soil Uiu location? I want to emphasize the Marcus "Puraivu~ashi, I do not want to say specific things about living plants, to a very peaceful,'m certainly gonna be region on the beautiful hill. If there is a forest of western pine, large road and without through is. a freely for expansion 1 null Imagination, I wonder if not a perfect place 1 - PartZ And Part 2. Here I am hit him like an abstract question. Contains many at all questions not related to the music in. No, I wish to or will be answered honestly, I'd thought Toka, you have me answer to pretty true attack thanks! By be the attitude that leads from the answer of the end-to-end to their music come looks vaguely is please unplug the power of the shoulder - ● Tell me you guys are situ any music equipment everyday. Also What is your favorite equipment in its? Very well if, TT Sai Why or why not? In making the Marcus "We songs, have wanted to take a way that was different every time. So, sticking to the same equipment and instruments, it always Keja no .1 pillow I have centered on always , and I want to click Rieito your own sound. for example, by sampling the sound of the flute, in the actual flute, such as out to make one sound similar to "flute can not be-play. so, perhaps, sampler I might say the favorite equipment of Poku of that. it caught the sound of any instrument, so container something like to make a soup that music "● in on making the work, your two's roles is Waton ones? In addition, a person do such as A and the Tsute marker vinegar microphone? Also with the Tsute microphone to Marcus? Marcus "Mike has become a usual source of Inn inspiration in the songs of the core. He always, the best the Omoitsu Kurita melodies and strange ideas" Mike "Marcus, the song Ya a combination of various things existence, such as the gurus that make up the album. he is a great producer, is also the anti-producer "● if, past, and if you can travel to the future, do you want to go to any age? The reason also tell TT again. Since seem to be know much about that it has gone microphone "We, pot <are of interest towards the completely not come. The Tteyuu that now it happens, listen to full this theory will not know anyone the there is be had. future, technology development advances, or astonishing progress for science and society is not the most impress goodness of every day happen, that. Po is clause, it began, to the point you want to go. for whether it is time begins, many people have the opinion was Tsu Na different. my imagination, I wonder if not it occur after 2, 300 years, "● exist in actual IJ Al world and but are not in the non-real world that is in the novels and movies, do you have gastric plant was to visit? What do you place Given that some if? To Marcus "non-convex of Video-tape that I have, SF animation made ​​in Germany has been Dubbing. So-called animated film like such and I guy, also he previous one in '25. I do not know anything even title. you know, the contents only. children"

Page 5: "The world that character data one including a well cry mouth bot of like a two-body live. In very melancholic, it's the world has beauty. And I thing most strange in that I've ever seen, the universe and the story itself that they will journey, was the odd strangely familiar feel. It was celebrated a very sad ending. I always every time you look at the Video, Mau and immersed themselves in the world. And I do not know why "● music than movies and literature or in events around the world, there is what you believe were affected with little or Razz on making this work Available? Mike "specific events and movies gave particular impact in making the" Jiogadi J, is intended to think by D such that meaning, sound of this record, can the listener is incoming, Poku Luo'm the result of an attempt that will Tsukuriageyo the unique world of its own "● If, big-budget movies only had situ Boards of Canada music is produced, is mouth Dosho cormorant in the world, their own supervision Once you have it and strive, do you make any movies? Who do you appoint the actors and actresses? If you have [Giikena Ino asked the director to someone else, who do you ask? Marcus "If the answer to if this question, become revealing the following schedule of when our real" ● in a dream you have ever seen, I remember well strongly what you are Zantsu the impression, even now Do you have what things? By Marcus "there. Look childhood, let alone forgotten such has, what that would look to often dream even now, two also. The first one, this guy. Family and together in Canada, parking but visited the single-story church next to. the family went into from the front door, I will not go in together, a nice green lawn in had a walk around the building. garden when it was around the back through the top, you've fallen on top of the barbed wire of orange that has been stretched to the lawn with his wife. at that time, James over the world is the first king of the United Kingdom appeared. he is my to come to the next, and piercing the sword to my neck, and went dragged me up to the guillotine behind the building. at the same time he dropped the blade of the guillotine, my body has become a stone statue. appalling and I'm feeling;. also another, in the same way and Una house who lived with his family in the early ominous feel .80's, woke up in the middle of the night on the way I to Ru down the stairs, the hallway below look into and, to 7 feet also red transparent organisms had there. guy with a little ET feeling like, light red or orange in Q and water flat gravity had shines into the guy's body as pulled, What I'm screaming. loud you were being sucked into the guy, etc. cormorants try did not even "● what you remember the most 哀Remi in this world? What Mike "too owns those few people of many, Oh also do not have a lot of people river Allowed to Mari, the fact that" ● most beautiful and what you seem in this world? Marcus "for environmental issues is a Toka good, such as the fight for freedom of personal purpose, who has dedicated all of his time" ● basically creatures of non-human question on the earth, for example as a separate reaction of the 'instinctive level of that fish, vinegar or seem not interested for other species. If you're listening to "Jiogadi", or each other the total turnover is the entire seed time was so including the human race, but each species of boundary lines I would imagine the Natsuta fictional world to Madoka昧. Mike "It is, I think that just might" Jiogadi "is the world want to imply. World of warm (BAR) a mixture that are usually divided or the concept of chaos, where can not want to eject the part of one something. Music, and look at such as something furiously drunk Vallarta gaze world, fish humans and hexa Gonaru of When (hexagonal) that is a reflection of the world, such as the presence of birds, I want to J ● the attached image thought first act '! One of the pillow is, it is the thing that made ​​is Insuno 9 Oia to you guys of music. For these images, What do you think? (Note:.. These images, is what we alone Iizuka 耐志 kun has been excerpted from the Video that made ​​him a 22-year-old, and I live in the town of Yokohama near Tokyo and is a cookie scene editor-in-chief I am 38 years old, I am from the suburbs, so to speak than the country side of the local city. when viewed from such [films, these images are a little you also can feel the kana urban or too suburban basis. music I of you guys Country -

Page 6: ". Hennanji Turtle Because it is unrelated to pressure the music itself would be 捜拝 the "the word ● new title Geo Gadi" is, trying to because there is Tonna mean? I think Marcus r really, it depends on the listener. For Poku et itself, it is a word indicating the impact received when made ​​album. Listener, and think about its impact, Kitara in able to find it, feel kana "● New Jiogadi of jacket What will reach the same conclusions as we are, to exactly reminiscent of the f Kisagon San (hexagon of the sun) or you also. Therefore, what is too much idea to just crucial piece of this album is' you guys of the activities of the past (laughs)? Speaking of the previous work has entered a song called H Takoisu-Hexagon Sun n, jacket of the album and I wish it was Turco chair color (laughs). I do not want to call the "decisive album" the microphone elm. Artists' I think it is important to consider the "best work has not yet been made​​". That way, the better, as possible out that continue to have the urge to more original ones were storehouse 0 granulation. For 1 pillow, this album is to purify the former idea of ​​what we had, might be something like drive away. Use the secret of how the stomach was programming or control the listener, a thought such as, the full Nine. The next record, I think sounds surely feel that it was completely different - ". Previous work "Music Has The Raitotou Children (Music Has The Right To Children) 1, two years ago of the EP I was titled uln A Beautiful Place Out In The CountryJ. From these phrases, to believe things like "human" and "natural", really I feel Bojiti Vu attitude [pillow, while capturing it on stress root, inside of it, and distortion or little twisted Ritoyuu also can you get good T is thought to have joined? Mike "exactly the street, in their phrase, yet direct, twist, distortion is also being applied. We live Ru human beings in harmony with basically 1 natural" I believe the Bojitivu forms such as it 's., in these words, are included to some extent "intense skin meat" like a thing. so, we I neither intend to take the intrusive attitude toward the listener. that we are doing Some of have been included plenty humor also. if we wish, I'm sure to find wonder if not you are "● r human previously described J and such" natural "element, act of expressing in music using electronics Do you think that it is inconsistent with? If grasped Mike "the such a word superficially, I'm looking to make crab contradiction. But it is, I think approach following the first. [As the pillow 'engineering electronics is on that present with" natural ", what I as long as the conflict also felt no. man is doing a was controller ports over J Les' say how to use the factory electronics. in a sense, things like electronics and technology, after all is an extension of the "natural" "● Internet, such as Rabbutobbu-Konhyuta over, the evolution of very useful technology, sound Teacher Br 且 1111 ft The rd monkey to "JJ Sudare窄 lj thing 11 畿堕 electricity countries month-1 voice the 1st one r Kataen "" In meshed Wf language r 逢西 1,11 Akira-shi 9 for heron · Ir A is to imagine listening to, a vast 'Una by some plants, with the country side feeling. But Shi is very distorted image. And, I wish I had these also bracts force Rahul! I think. Also Oh, he is to make an image from listening to this project, because there is also a problem that had little time but! He is mower Ru in the man who thought the question of this just before:. Laughs) Marcus "Kimi was said that these images a little urban to Gill, I funny Yeah, And might I also agree. we personally, do not AUTHORIZED inspired by the urban environment, sometimes even to even receive a Negative shadows sound from the city. But, these are, by 1 individual think Sukkoku nice photo basis, these can feel or not it fits the cold feel of electronics tronic sound with a little more traditional. we, like to think of Boards of Canada of sound, as much as possible warm, are force Rahul. and I think it reflects the Moso is our own video - parL " And the last part argument or, at the center that the new "Jiogadi 1, current activities, I have heard talk about such future activities. ● previous album "Music .'I s The Raitotou Chi since Rudoren, in .1999 years three and a half years also had the month and day ye Tsu If noticing begun wearing a hand to off a project of this album di Ogadi stomach, but story is about, why complete do I time up to this point had me written? Mike "1 pillow I because it is perfectly advocate. we, a lot of songs than actually put in the album there is work Ru trend. So 'by some tracks are a lot that have not yet been used. Then, "pillow do not want to hurry Ri sweet, sometimes me. maybe it is, never with our urban wonder if not it is also because of the life style J records that can not be said. we'll have fun. as you can see knocker to like production line,"

Page 7: " And I think to have a significant impact even easier. What is the technology for Boards of Canada? Marcus "What I feel strongly is, this kind of this Toda. I repelled the interest science magazines and newspapers, you are reading always. But in had in the midst of wild nature, fullest breathing the fresh air child and I also like. for thousands of even years' people technology in order to improve their lives, technology was have developed I'm., of that 20 century, for the first time in history there was a place a little exceptional, technology has been or is made ​​for itself. it is I think the most dangerous in relation to modern society, here is that .... technology that lost sight of realistic goals. So, of 2 hours in one-inch screen, for example, a mobile phone on 7 this earth that I think it needs to be can not believe watching a movie, millions of people are involved in the development of the development and Kon Tha Thein ment equipment of weapons. in one hand, it is a clean and reusable 1 you can look for the energy, people that have been involved in the development of equipment to improve the lives of people who are the most disadvantaged in society, I'm surprisingly not only just 2, 3000 people "● Bose-of Canada of music, especially new, between the sound and the sound was left to strongly impression. We also have to be to try to find a meaning to "between the lines" when reading the text, or rather feel like hear the part of the silence. Do you have that "gap of sound" was thought to be important, such like? When you are building a Marcus "sound time 乍品, I likes to treat as a" space "is also one of the 葺器. The only strange point such do about the dynamics of sound, nothing has been playing part is, when the to remember when writing a song or me to speak for Rukoto be meaning songs all one is, it ® Dan points "● I feel also very unique to the use of your our words. The last minute of vocal or meaning is inaudible or audible, such as took a strong effect or has not been featured, remain in one phrase is why ear as "1969" There are also songs like. For Boards of Canada of music, or trying to, since one-di any sense of that word? For Mike "1 Giku-ra, is one of the most important factors that is said to include vocals. Lyrics and possible listening, I do not think the combined vocal is required to melody. It is not completely clear on, what or has been sung, if <is so that you regarded as one of the I like to play while suggesting subtle or being talked about. "space" or "silence" the instruments, vocals and one instrument you are captured. for example Cocteau. if you listen to Touinzu, if you do not understand is there in what is being talked about, the meaning of that Vo Karu echoes very beautiful and would mow I. someday, I except vocals when you are thinking and trying to make a record of the form that do not use anything at all else "● Boards of Canada is to make music, whether you be making a song and decide the tight J Les ahead? The first (and was Honyari) and benefit it was decided the theme? To build the first song from one of the interesting sound that stood in the reverse, with respect to that? It 's Marcus "Sometimes just occasionally, to decide the title and theme before you make a song, sometimes you try to create a sound that suits it 0 (and begin to create a song from Giku-rakawa Allowed from Kano theme, I song .1 'gyroscopes blanking, that's when saw Rano Chidochira or is a dream, I have been to the original sound that was seen in the dream. the track, made ​​or that I was dreaming 'm looking directly reflect. when I listen to what is actually record- ing is, I was a little felt in non tad. with respect to interesting sound "is, it becomes the starting point for large resistor we can start making a song and are "● you are Nyutsu to new" 1969 ', in "1969, in the sunshine ...', and many times repeated are arene's will remain in the ear. of two of the records that you have listed above title (Music has the Raitoto cormorant. Children uln A Beautiful Place Out In The CountryJ) and from this Arezu ' I feel the thing that leads to the thought of the second half of the psychedelic Mu Vumento 60s. Is yourselves. What do you think? Yo you believe the hippie or (laughs)? Db microphone "split country country in the era of artists feel the sense of intimacy. At that time, I think fields countries were present thing called freedom of Table country country now. Psychedelic and do not might thing came from Dorasogu _ country countries, simply Although it might such not. due to the idea of country country people, when the movement has become Chokure abyss published, it itself is broken "Garden country broken by Flowery Kuni-en 且Ichi-Bower such as those that you think was closed, the main river p of the 70s and early '60 country country I. bills late. Dia is, what was concocted on the basis of the psychedelic MOVE Tsukasa countries ment countries countries I garden countries when it was country country country become a fashionable existence, it is original and a counter electrode sitting -.. has become a thing of the we, of that era, or empathy to fundamental ethics of music at the time I remember. so, do we you think Hisobi and I think and not a (laughs) "● mainly about calling it nu psychedelic bands that British media seems to be carrying is'? Marcus "whether it's to mean anything, you do not know well. I always came to the given Id-psychedeli your psychedelic,". Makiyuri Rev and, who appeared together with you guys in All Toumoro's Bertie, such as ® La Tengo, for the psychedelic band, What do you think? Do you think especially this kind of band we u live shake Ili that doing my daily life that's important? Mike "we, when this kind of band we It's Daiyoshimi Kida. The gray Ito listen to playing them like a band, know that 's are crowded everyone put in recently incense said band, is feeling go that they like music and sunny, I think has become something like an antidote to pair to Bopp chart. near time is up stage is people, it is not too much to start too easily laptop computer that. to be honest, we've got there is no feelings apart from the laptop μ logic. even Pokura Yes one, bands that can play live with a musical instrument has liked (even their own, that way and I like to play. However, music and even if thinking that we have to create as Boards of Canada, it relies on more technology. because of the sound of my colleagues has been processed using primarily I (it is difficult to bring to the place that live it. for example, a "reverse rotation" sound, 1 or <Luo in the future and I'm 7 to Lai Vu playing and how do, the possibility of more Osodokusu a live set, serious have you wanted to try it. maybe, even. as a new separate project, because it was also a starting point for you and our band. the possibility of such a form of Starring response rates, should there kit "● We are driven by the following bands, urge you want to compare the Miyujishan us and Boards of Canada Supremacy technique"

Page 8: "How can that, Would you please himself tried it? Sorry Mabbira is being compared to do such of the in, Moshiku is' because mosquitoes do not know because not listening too much) 1) Pink Floyd 2) Brian Eec 2) Autechre 3) Godspeed You Black Eroperor! 4) Bola Mike "for pink Floyd, the do not. early works not so much hear, I though there are things that you Ai聴 to some cover. the same can be said about Brian Lee Residencial. some of his works and though've enjoyed, because'm not listened to Te his work all, of you to comment think not a Fuea. Autechre is I love. it's a friend of Pokura. However, they and 1 pillow between, it feels a big difference there. they I have to focus the music to be surpassed limits of rhythm and electronic sounds, the core of our sound there is a melody to. God speed also, by some to be listened. though of course'm not listened to all of the work, and I think I would like to express their great respect for. Darrell (Bora) also, my friend of 1 or <et al. we him I think of music and love. are too be underestimated. he think the most nice guy in the people who are doing electronic music, you can not not like that "personality is to form a cult, even where it has been making music, while maintaining become not the direction of the "star", a little (J resembling a pillow ● you guys are SKAM such as pressurized et al not WARP only be released 'the song in a different name and release the But also had to be, in In other to have these labels, do you think rattan? Mike "scum, I'm really yu two over-metric label. They are not affected by the commercial thing, and Chino was his' 'Do-It-Yourself', you have to stick to the way. Andy Maddox (scum president) is, and while also laid back and, to come up with ideas to realize that you want to do immediately. they are u people habit, I think I want to be l feel.'re running it thrust them also one wonder if not it. we have reason to wither 惹 to they do, but it. warp is, I'm more a big label on whether the obvious. I'm, they feel like a big family, in music as everyone up was Warukare it is crowded put. (take the pillow, they will not feel the so-called one record company ". Great friends, like such. I found that you can climb the mountain together and Steve Beckett, to Dari around the bonfire. president of the record company, and only the band take to the other, so I'm not sure is whether to do that, "● Hell inter A~e chair but there was also that it was working under the name, such as what is this project that because it is trying either? Marcus "If we are, Once want to make a song that sampled the famous song in its basic parts, in order to avoid the trouble, probably do think it be best to release in the pseudonym I. in other words, Hell interface to think someone, maybe I wish I do not know at all, not a different person 7 "● rPEEL SESSIONJ also was a great can, we do not have yet that saw you how live. current Bose-of-Kanata or? was or are you Gyotsu live in any good and Una organized, the space of Boards of Canada live What is the thing you want most expressive through? Mike "Thank you, Pokura is a gig, in front of the do's normal gig believes that it is hard to image and minute wins, to spend several months because that was to produce the minutes of the video to be 1 second this in its entirety. Most likely to center the 8-mm film, when psychedelic to or doing it horrendous you can use to accurately, or unusual effect is referred to as a .1 or that <Luo write the music, and sound tiger-seok of the video that does not exist After that it's like are making, is there a plan is to do the feeling, of how "● in Japan live, such as the video actually exists gig? Marcus "really, you'll have wanted to do so. Several times, and mower Ru that they were invited or not to play in Japan. In fact, now (pillow, you want to record a new Ma Teriaru before going to Japan, thinks Nante where What. because "Music has the Light - • U Children" and is between the "Jiogadi" was too much to long, it is want to release something else. of that tour is not not like, to have several 'This year I want to do a gig that I thought. Su faded if, u flow 1 of the things that go wrote the music, but not also be suspended. [for the pillow, it is most important Please tell us about it because "the future of activities scheduled close ● it. Mike" already, new get down began Teruyo the album. after that, perhaps also of the movie to be completed over Na off a long period of time or the or Runja no radio Sesoshon proj- 1 in order to make the ECTS also has worked. film, if you also believe that also tries to explore Alaska or the Arctic Lunda (3 years have a dragon in the studio, and also I think Toka want to Taku's trip Thank course Deshori. Thank you! Bose of Canada "Thank you," "

Seen through ~ Boards of Canada Warp / scum Statement / Aoki Tatsuya 1998. UK Shefirudo (currently mouth LONDON) iminoctadine from Warp Records> release over of the scan has been Ichimaki Al "(no it 及 then the aftermath to the music scene for several years -. It became masu thing as Michael San Addison Duo Bose of Canada (below 8 b C) Al J (arm 1 Music has the Light tow Children "is fantastic and youngest came sensation threw of by Marcus eosin-ins, to nailed a lot of the human ear and only was full Adikutivu charm. Along with Berlin Monoreiku and also some in close relationship also piled Date oc the release from Wabu Autechre, and citizens to music that would be fixed by the call 1 of Engineering Direct opening two force 'in providing the right, is they played a tremendous achievement initially, make the single releases and live of the foundation to Manchester label <ska-time>. and the Lilith form, as also seen in the sticker using a Braille to, even part enigmatic many scum a label to release the ingenious engineering Rekutoroni~tsu click Music, IHi Snores EPI. (back catalog of 8CC was Tsu 1 and AgaaricsJ of course, Furifu talent over-time, push 4 button Objects in S ES C 0 unique artists of work release of the M, etc. have also worked recently, in "the most nice guy in the people who are doing the factory Direct pluronic Music" My clock date rather than the "too be underestimated and is "day 0 to bur release the long-awaited Furuaru 1 (no (//, is popular in extremely and Konsepuchu Al jacket, of mellow melodies featuring the easy club track closer to listen also to Ita Fomatto there. After that, a larger stage bases even while maintaining the balance of the scum, and the UK of electro nickel-click music stronghold = and transferred day CCI between the above-mentioned to warp to Wapunosukamu of joint release of "Music has Zarai to tow Children" throughout. warp is proposed Risunisogutekuno from the early 1990s, engineering Ifekkusu twin, is now beside to continue contracting the re U vinegar stalwart of the Techno-elect opening two forces such as checkmate force, Burefu~yuzu 73, heresy such as Asochi pop consortium Hibbuhoppu, or even paid in the hands until the New bleed like Blossom States, it is not bound by genre or country, it also forces Rahul block has continued to evolve as a comprehensive sharp level camphor playful Guru website (www.warprenerds.nom), etc. maker is design Sooners Republic is a fellow design team, graphical sophistication are also Awa have maybe, fall short to say it is an important presence. As is also during an interview, along with Mercury Rev et al., As the sound of Soc which has also been described as New South Ikederikku in NMC 詳To can be explained the contours of the music in the only adjective that Feoc specific ~ ", Engineering Rekutoro two Kashin the substance may have effects on, it becomes to profess as KuAkira lock Pando, for example, Tomu~yoku of Radiohead also favorites. In addition last year Tortoise is I wonder not to even their Standing 4 old location than was the obvious fact that the participation of curated the current progressive form of Alternative Music cane Uke scan Ol maize Rose "(Ti to,. And 2002 .200! Li // over scan, single tIn A Beautiful Place Out In Tue Ctcetty "even Though it was if it was show Kakitoi the universal music of the year, it was announced through the years of even three and a half years in New Arno (no "Jiogadi" 0, dramatic changes in Soc of sound is not seen. it is full of analog feeling, I do not think due to the mono and melody programming on that increased relief, as the raw drum feel the beat like the way to Hayam a sudden flow and depth such, go followed calmly as the eternal river. 2 Hibiki. Team 11 or LA (FYUTI] (Skam / SKALF0U7) ② Boz Saibu Canada "Jiogadi" (WARP / BEAT) L " Fifteen"

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