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In a Beautiful Place out in the Country (song)

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In a Beautiful Place out in the Country
Running time 6:07 (ABPOITC EP)
5:27 (ATPR CD 1)
6:23 (WARPCD20)
Appears on ABPOITC EP


  • This track also appears on "All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0" (ATPR CD 1) compilation in a slightly different form. "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country (Edit)" is not simply a shorter edition of the original version, but appears to be an alternative mix of "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country". It starts with a drumbeat instead of the melody, and ends with an extension of the quiet tune heard at the end of the EP version. Additionally, "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country (Edit)" does not fade out during the final part.
  • While the CD version of the EP makes it clear that the vinyl release should be played at 45rpm, "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country" in particular sounds excellent at 33 1/3, taking on a more dreamlike, haunting quality. An MP3 of the song at this speed was at one time available on the file-sharing network Soulseek.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • "Come out, and live with a religious community in a beautiful place out in the country." (vocoded voice of Amo Bishop Roden)


  • Ranked #360 on Pitchfork Medias top 500 Songs of the 2000's.[1]



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