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*[ Photos of the New York listening party]
*[ Photos of the New York listening party]
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Bearing in mind that live appearances by Boards of Canada are sparse, there are a number of concerts which (to date) no bootleg recordings seem to exist for.

Unrecorded live sets

  • Boards of Canada appeared with Autechre, Panasonic and Cylob on 19 July 1996 ("Autechre Live At The Reach"),at The Reach (King's College Student Union) in Aldwych, London.
  • BoC and ThinkTank supported Autechre in Edinburgh on (it is thought) 20 Feb 1997, at The Venue, Edinburgh.
  • BoC were the headline act at one of Skam's "Versivo" nights at the Roadhouse in Manchester in February of 1997. No precise date known for that one.
  • BoC also performed at the Phoenix Festival held from 17-20 July 1997 at Long Marston, Stratford-upon-Avon.
  • BoC supported Seefeel in a live show in London, at Blech (a club run by Warp), on 31 Oct 1997.
  • BoC also appeared at the Sunflower Festival, Munich, with Autechre, Jega, and Mike Paradinas on the 26 July 1997
  • RedMoon (maybe)
  • Add to me!

Promotional events

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