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== Creations by ==
== Creations by ==
=== [ Audiodile] & [ sejd] ===
# Anew Contraption: a [[Boards of Canada|BoC]] megamix by [ Audiodile], set to video footage of [[wikipedia:The_World_of_David_the_Gnome|David the Gnome]].
=== [ Boemtjak&Soi] ===
=== [ Boemtjak&Soi] ===
# "[[Dayvan Cowboy]]"
# "[[Dayvan Cowboy]]"

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Dayvan Cowboy

"Dayvan Cowboy" directed by Melissa Olson

The first official video, released online and in a promo DVD included with WarpMart pre-orders of Trans Canada Highway.


"Invocation" directed by Melissa Olson

Promo video for Trans Canada Highway and bonus feature on the Japanese release.

Cosecha Signal One

"Cosecha Signal One" directed by Neil Krug

Promo TV Ad for code 699742, featured on Cartoon Network's 'Adult Swim' / Loading Bay art gallery video projection.

Tomorrow's Harvest

"Tomorrow's Harvest" directed by Boards of Canada

Promo video for Tomorrow's Harvest


BMW 7-Series


Telecom Italia

Liberty Mutual

Harmony Korine has directed a series of Liberty Mutual commercials that began airing on TV in the US May 2009. The first two ads feature "Corsair" and the third one features "Ready Lets Go" by Boards of Canada.

Unfortunately these videos had to be removed due to a copyright complaint.

WATMM video contest

WATMM hosted a Boards of Canada video contest in late 2002. The videos were judged by Mike and Marcus themselves, who picked the winners as follows:

  1. "Gyroscope" by Billy Clayton
  2. "June 9th" by Sam Smith
  3. "Corsair" by Magnus Hedberg

Creations by


  1. "Dayvan Cowboy"


  1. Footage from vintage classic, King of Jazz set to Boards of Canada's Old Tunes Vol. 1 Side B, Track 9.

Glen Marshall

  1. "Music Is Math" | watch in hd
  2. "Corsair" | watch in hd

Jesse Berger

  1. "Twoism"

LOL Alzado

  1. "Pete Standing Alone"


  1. My Boards Of Canda collection as of Nov.10th 2010.


  1. 1984 "K.i.t.t. vs. K.a.r.r." Knight Rider episode meets Boards of Canada's "'84 Pontiac Dream".


  1. Unreleased Warp 10th Anniversary gig track - live