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Running time 11:27
Appears on Live @ Warp10

Warp10-07 is an unreleased track that was played as part of a live set at Warp Record's 10th Anniversary Party (Live @ Warp10).


  • 0:11 onward - Vocoded voice repeating throughout the track
  • 5:35 onward - Another vocoded voice which repeats throughout the track
  • 7:10 - A woman saying "One, two, three and four" in an American/Canadian accent, possibly from a vintage children's educational tape or retro domestic appliance advert
  • 7:24 - A sample of children laughing similar to In a Beautiful Place out in the Country drenched in reverb
  • 7:50 onward - Various samples chopped up in a similar fashion to Telephasic Workshop, Spiro, and the ATP version of Sunshine Recorder


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