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Update #1: happy voting'

After having received lots of great logo suggestions in this thread I decided to choose the logo that instantly grabbed my attention and which suited the pre-defined requirements the most. Specials thanks to xagoln for the logo design.

In the second part of the contest you are provided with the the logo template in photoshop format which you can use to create your own banner. The logo layer in this template should remain untouched. You are required to use your own photos/images for your entries. Don't use the work by someone else without their permission.

Everyone can submit their designs (maximum of 5 per person) until the deadline the 5th of December 23:59 GMT+1. I want you to send me the psd file which includes a layer for each of your submissions, like in the logo template. I'll add all of the submitted designs below on this page. After the deadline a poll will be created at the Twoism forum. Depending on the amount of submissions I will have the top designs integrated in the site.

The main idea is to have the default banner rotate over time (e.g. when the new album is released) and to have a couple of alternative skins available. A registered user of this wiki is allowed to set his or her own skin in the preferences section.

The results

  1. Joebot Kill 4
  2. Polar Sky 1
  3. Aesthetics 1
  4. Joebot Kill 2
  5. Patryk Ludamage 4

Update #2: the results'

Default skin

  1. Banner-joebot-kill-04.png

Alternative skins

  1. Banner-polar-sky-01.jpg
  2. Banner-aesthetics-01.jpg
  3. Banner-joebot-kill-02.png
  4. Banner-patryk-ludamage-04.jpg

All the contest entries


  1. Banner-aesthetics-01.jpg
  2. Banner-aesthetics-02.png

Joebot Kill

  1. Banner-joebot-kill-01.png
  2. Banner-joebot-kill-02.png
  3. Banner-joebot-kill-03.png
  4. Banner-joebot-kill-04.png
  5. Banner-joebot-kill-05.png


  1. Banner-mexicola-01.jpg
  2. Banner-mexicola-02.jpg
  3. Banner-mexicola-03.jpg
  4. Banner-mexicola-04.jpg
  5. Banner-mexicola-05.jpg


  1. Banner-moebius-01.png
  2. Banner-moebius-02.png
  3. Banner-moebius-03.png
  4. Banner-moebius-04.png
  5. Banner-moebius-05.png


  1. Banner-neels-01.jpg
  2. Banner-neels-02.jpg
  3. Banner-neels-03.jpg
  4. Banner-neels-04.jpg
  5. Banner-neels-05.jpg


  1. Banner-numerator-01.jpg
  2. Banner-numerator-02.jpg

Patryk Ludamage

  1. Banner-patryk-ludamage-01.jpg
  2. Banner-patryk-ludamage-02.jpg
  3. Banner-patryk-ludamage-03.jpg
  4. Banner-patryk-ludamage-04.jpg
  5. Banner-patryk-ludamage-05.jpg

Polar Sky

  1. Banner-polar-sky-01.jpg
  2. Banner-polar-sky-02.jpg
  3. Banner-polar-sky-03.jpg
  4. Banner-polar-sky-04.jpg
  5. Banner-polar-sky-05.jpg


  1. Banner-ray-01.jpg
  2. Banner-ray-02.jpg
  3. Banner-ray-03.jpg
  4. Banner-ray-04.jpg
  5. Banner-ray-05.jpg


  1. Banner-xsmallheartx-01.jpg
  2. Banner-xsmallheartx-02.jpg
  3. Banner-xsmallheartx-03.jpg