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Running time 7.16 (Aquarius)
4.39 (BoC Maxima)
Appears on Aquarius
Boc Maxima


  • A weather phenomenon, prominent in Calgary and the surrounding area - [pete from phaelam], [averythefishpeddler]. Also, a native American people of Oregon (in light of the other track titles Kaini Industries and Pete Standing alone) [DC] - see comments on those tracks elsewhere on the page. A make of helicopter. Also [Will], a famous checkers-playing program, the first to win a world championship (since one of BoC has studied AI, this is a good suggestion; more so, since the program was written in Canada.)
  • The opening melody is nearly identical to that of "Wildlife Analysis".

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • It is thought that the sound made by a fishing reel (perhaps casting a line) was sampled and used as part of the percussion loop early in the song.[1]
  • From 0:40 onward, samples incidental music from episode 5 of the 1968 Doctor Who serial "The Wheel In Space".[2]



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