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David, aka DavidAC, aka skhoinarion, is the former webmaster for the well-respected DavidAC BoC pages.

David discontinued the site in August 2004, as it was taken up too much time and effort. He felt that the band has become prominent enough that it needed no further promotion from him, and that his efforts were better spent highlighting lesser known artists. Among these was Bola, for whom he maintained the web's most comprehensive fan site.

He passed the pages onto Fredd-E, who maintained them on his site until they transitioned completely into the bocpages wiki.

David is an avid photographer, computer animator and nature enthusiast. He hosted other websites showing his works until taking down all his sites completely in late July 2007.

He created a number of computer animations, based off mathematical concepts. These include fan videos for Boards of Canada tracks, including an entry in the WATMM video contest.