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Dayvan Cowboy

Dayvan Cowboy
Running time 5:00
Appears on The Campfire Headphase
Trans Canada Highway

still from the Dayvan Cowboy video


Samples / Lyrics[edit]


A Day Van is a discontinued make of Chevrolet Astro van


  • A video for "Dayvan Cowboy" was released as a promo DVD, included with Warpmart pre-orders of the Trans Canada Highway EP. For more information, see Videos.
  • The first half of the video shows footage of Captain Joseph Kittinger's skydiving from the Excelsior III, a gondola raised by balloons to 102,800 feet as part of Project Excelsior (a series of record-breaking dives from high-altitude). Captain Kittinger fell for 4 minutes and 36 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 614 mph before opening his parachute at 18,000 feet. [1]
  • The second half of the video shows footage of big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton.
  • The final scene of the sun setting was taken from the surfing documentary Crystal Voyager.


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