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Eno Test & Parson

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Eno Test
Running time 4:38
Appears on P2P networks
Running time 5:12
Appears on P2P networks

"Eno Test" and "Parson" are two tracks often mis-attributed to Boards of Canada. The tracks are sometimes credited to "Marumari & Boards of Canada".


The songs were discovered on various P2P networks. They are among the earliest mislabeled tracks; "Eno Test" was first mentioned on idm-l on May 14, 2000, with "Parson" first mentioned in another post (in conjuction with "Eno Test") on Jan 12, 2001. They were included on the earliest archived copy of DavidAC's BoC pages, dated August 2002.

Unclear origin[edit]

It is commonly believed that both tracks are the work of Marumari alone. However, nowhere in Marumari's discography do any tracks with these names appear.

After previewing tracks from available Marumari albums, they do not appear to be any of the tracks on the following Marumari works:

Possible origin[edit]

The track "Eno Test" is listed on as part of a 3 disc Stereolab bootleg named B-Sides Collected. It is listed as the 15th track on the second disc and credited as "Eno Test (with Marumari)." While this could just be a fan compilation it could actually be the original source. If anyone has this bootleg, they could confirm the origin of the track.

The main melody is sampled from the song "But If" by Brian Eno on the album "The Drop" (1997)

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