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Places to discuss Boards of Canada topics:


Currently, there are three primary forums for discussing Boards of Canada:

  • Twoism forum
    A newer forum dedicated exclusively to Boards of Canada. Founded by Chyld. Archives available to Nov 2004.


  • boardsofcanada Yahoo! group
    The original Yahoo! group, founded in May 2000 by bibowski. Largely abandoned in April 2004 (due to spam and an absentee moderator) in favor of the boards-of-canada group. Full archives available.
  • IDM mailing list
    Birthplace of the term "Intelligence Dance Music". Full archives dating back to September 1997.
  • Xltronic message board
    General web forum about electronic music. Sometimes styled as WATMM's rival, although many users post to both. Archives dating to February 2001.

Defunct forums[edit]