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The Sexual Objects - Sometimes (Boards of Canada remix)

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Running time 2:56
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Skytree observed the following:
    • "Gemini": track one
    • "Gemini": May 21 - June 20
    • Dredging up of the subconscious mind.
    • This past weekend saw the last of three eclipses of 2013 (until the Fall), ending in "Gemini".
    • Music Has The Right To Children: "Aquarius". Both "Aquarius" and "Gemini" are air signs.
    • Much of BoC's video imagery involves flying through the air.
    • -- end transmission -- [1]
  • I read a review (sorry, someone else needs to edit this post to properly cite the reference) noting that Gemini are twins, and suggesting that separation (or invisible, maybe inevitable) connections might be a recurring Tomorrow's Harvest theme. (e.g., Split Your Infinities, Last Rites Of Spring/"Twin gods of death at the end of the tunnel", Beckett's Ghost Trio, Virgil's Aeneid, & Dante's Divine Comedy)
    • Many others' comments focus on palindromes, suggesting cycles in the tracks' sequence.
  • The track, and therefore the album begins with a short trumpet vignette. In the Bible, the Book of Revelation says that the end of times - the apocalypse - would be heralded with the sounding of trumpets. This fits in with the themes and motifs of the album.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

At 2:52 you can hear in the left channel the words "Does anybody copy me?" followed by "Roger" at 2:55. It becomes more recognizable played 25% slower.


  • Gemini was an American spaceflight program from 1962-1966. [1]
  • Gemini is a subcritical nuclear test project ran by The National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA). The NNSA runs the U.S. nuclear warhead program. [2]
  • Gemini (♊) is also the third astrological sign in the Zodiac. Gemini were twin brothers, and therefore, could be a symbolic reference to the Sandison brothers themselves, even though they are not identical.
  • Gemini can be also a direct reference to Gemini Films, a film production and distributor. [3] The duo already made a small reference to them, when they sampled the ending of the 1982 adult film titled "A Brief Affair" [4] on One Very Important Thought. [5]


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