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Running time 5:12 BoC Maxima
6:53 Hi Scores
Appears on Boc Maxima
Hi Scores

The word Nlogax is thought to have been derived from the common mathematical expression n·logax = logaxn


The following is taken from Forcefield Magazine, April 1998:

"We sometimes make a tune metamorphose as it plays. An example is "Nlogax" from the "Hi Scores" EP on Skam, which begins like an old electro or disco track but halfway through it suddenly becomes something nightmarish, like your brain is starting to malfunction in the middle of the tune. Psychedelics make music sound entirely different. Tiny details become massive, a five-minute track can feel like it's five hours long on psychedelics. You know when you're on a ride at a fairground, the pitch of the music rises and falls because of the Doppler-Effect? That's another thing we love to do in our tracks, and it's a fairly psychedelic-sounding effect too."


  • Contains a sample of Indeep's 1983 hit "Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life."
  • Uses an alternating normal/clipped sample of a cowbell from a Roland CR-78 drum machine