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Running time 2:16
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • The length of the track is given as 2:16. 2:16 is the sixth cube number (6 * 6 * 6) and therefore has very solar properties.
  • The number 666 is the total sum of the magic square of the sun as described by Agrippa.
  • Sundowner was a project's name in the 413th FTS.[1] Because track length is emphasized with 666, the following track times backwards surrounding the track (935253-704) looks 1337 for pesesh-kef, with Opening The Mouth being roughly twice as long as Sundown. Semena Merkvykh 03i3, appears l337 for OBB, possibly referencing Bobby Bond who died during his farewell flight (~Farewell Fire) or the Church of the Sub Genius.
  • Speculated to have been a track that was left off of Geogaddi. The opening chords in particular share a resemblance to Corsair.

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