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Transmisiones Ferox

Transmisiones Ferox
Running time 2:18
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • The track features a prominent female vocal sample repeating "Nineteen-ninety-nine", as the sample is layered upon itself multiple times it begins to sound like the word "Dying" is being repeated.
    • This female voice could possibly also be saying "nineteen ninety-five", with the recurrence of simultaneous "ni-" and fi-" creating the illusion of the word "dying".
    • It my also be worthwhile to note that the vocal sample seems to begin looping at the very beginning of the phrase. On the second occasion especially it can be heard as "nineteen nineteen five-five-five..." or "nineteen nineteen dying dying dying....".
  • Starting at around 1:59 a slowed down female voice can be heard saying something resembling "The others." This, when reversed sounds like "They're outside." This sample is repeated until the end of the track.

About 1:20 in the synth beat morphs into a heartbeat or possibly two heartbeats, maybe from an ultrasound.


  • Transmisiones is a Spanish word meaning "Transmissions".
  • Ferox is a Latin word meaning "fierce" or "aggressive".
  • The title may be a reference to the film 'Cannibal Ferox' (Lenzi, 1981).
  • "Ferox" maybe an abbreviation for "ferric oxide", used in the manufacture of magnetic tape.


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