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I'm a Canadian musician who doesn't get paid. I've been listening to Boards of Canada obsessively since 2003-2004 wintertime, but first heard them in 1997 when a friend put on Hi Scores. I liked it, but didn't pursue them at the time. Not much point anyways, that was the only material available at the time. MHTRTC came out not long after and I heard a song or two off of it, I really liked it. It wasn't until I heard Geogaddi that I became a die hard fan and I started researching them mostly on the old version of this wiki, DavidAC's efforts. I soon figured out that I had to know as much about these amazing artists art as possible. The awesome thing about this band is that I'm still learning new things about old material after so many years. I do know my stuff though. The obsession never stopped.

I've listened to every known BoC song an incredible amount of times (besides Closes, Hooper Bay, etc...) and am not even close to being sick of any of them. No other band has ever done that for me! BoC are the main reason I decided to make my own music right then and there in 2004. They have enhanced my appreciation for art in audio form far beyond anyone else has ever enhanced my appreciation for any form of art at all. Their more ambient tunes have completely calmed my mind in times where that was very much needed too. So I have a very strong psychological attachment to these guys.

I have been a member of since 2007. I have been a member of since the exact same day. You'll still find me posting on both these days.