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We've Started Up

We've Started Up
Running time 5:39
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 2


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • "We're startin' up, now we're on our way, leaving all our yesterdays behind"[1] (from the song Flashback by Imagination[2]; slowed down 20%). Sample appears at 01:45.
  • "He's a dream" (from the song of the same name by Shandi on the Flashdance soundtrack, the sample appears at 03:28 and is slowed down in 25%) [3] [4]
  • Contains a sample from the song Falling in Love Again by Techno Twins [5] [6]



(At 00:15)

(At 01:43)

External links[edit]


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  5. YouTube video featuring "Falling in Love Again" by "Techno Twins"
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