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Running time 4:21
Appears on Geogaddi

Cultural References

Mike: "In that song it refers to a specific period in the history of a religious group, and at the same time the period in general, the hopefulness of a forward-thinking generation that wasn't aware of what was coming in their collective future."

  • While it is tempting to conclude that, given the lyrics, the "religious group" referred to is the Branch Davidians, the year 1969 does not appear to have had any notable significance in the history of that group. The song title more likely refers to either the establishment of the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation or the authoring of the Satanic Bible, both of which occurred in 1969.[1]
  • It is worth noting that 1969, Sixtyniner and June 9th all reference "69". Also, it is one number below the number 70, (Music70 being Boards of Canada's record label). 70 is also referenced in songs The Smallest Weird Number and Sixtyten.


  • "Although not a follower of hseroK divaD" (David Koresh, reversed), she's a devoted Branch Davidian (chorus)
    • Note that the live version of '1969' heard at the Lighthouse Party does not reverse the name David Koresh
    • Same words occur in Poppy Seed, BoC remix. The person being discussed is apparently Amo Bishop Roden.
  • "1969, in the sunshine" (additional vocal heard from 3:20 onwards).[sibobbler] MP3 sample [2]
  • [Reversed] "Listen to you, you p.c.: [She said] David Koresh smells of cunt." Possible mocking reference to cult leader David Koresh's statutory rape and holding of multiple "wives" at the compound. (This is a highly subjective interpretation of the "although not a follower..." sample backwards; the odds are extremely slim that the band intended this, or that most people will hear the same words.)


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