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Running time 4:20
Appears on Geogaddi

1. The lyrics of 1969 continue a theme first developed on In a Beautiful Place out in the Country; that of David Koresh and his Branch Davidian sect. A slogan (seemingly a favourite of Amo Bishop Roden) is repeated over and over, with a vocoded voice intoning "1969, in the sunshine" overdubbed at the end.

2. In a 2002 interview with OOR magazine, Boards of Canada explained that "1969" "refers to a specific period in the history of a religious group, and at the same time the period in general, the hopefulness of a forward-thinking generation that wasn't aware of what was coming in their collective future" (OOR Magazine, 2002).

The "religious group" referred to, given the lyrics, is no doubt the Branch Davidians.


"Although not a follower of hseroK divaD (David Koresh, reversed), she's a devoted Branch Davidian" (repeated many times)
"1969, in the sunshine" (additional vocal from 3:20 onwards). It has been noted that '1969' live at the Lighthouse Party does not have the name David Koresh reversed as it appears on the 'Geogaddi' album.

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