An Eagle in Your Mind

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An Eagle in Your Mind
Running time 6:23
Appears on MHTRTC


  • All of the percussion on "An Eagle in Your Mind" was created using cut up samples of Michael Sandison's girlfriend's voice (Remix Magazine, 2002).
  • A video (made for the WATMM video contest) was created for "An Eagle in Your Mind" by "Jesse Anderson" using stock footage sampled from Tatsuo Sato's anime film "Cat Soup." This video also offers an interpretation of the vocal sample heard during the track.

Samples / Lyrics

  • The song samples the documentary On the Tracks of the Wild Otter (1983) [1] [2]. The sample can be heard at around 26:40 [3].
  • At 1:53 an unidentified speech sample (thought by some to be the voice Welsh actor Philip Madoc) begins narrating a story. It is difficult to understand, but thought to be the following:

"the holts are nearly always close to sea
fallen boulders, old ruins, and cliffs
all at the top of a sand edifice
high above the sea
a safe place for cubs
we wait, tense

we're disappointed
she leaves her [?] loaded by others of us
the holts are evenly spread
about 500 meters apart [?] or so they advertise"

  • Another variation is as follows:

"Holts are nearly always close to the sea,
fallen boulders, old ruins, and cliffs,
all atop the sand edifice,
high above the sea:
a safe place for cubs.
We wait ... tense. We're disappointed.
She leaves her [?] to look for [others?]
The holts are evenly spaced, about 5 meters apart,
Only enough to fool the passers-by, or so they advertise
I love you"

  • [Simon Wilkinson] suggests similar words, with a few minor changes:

"She leaves us [wait?] [loaded for others of us?].
The holts are about 500 meters apart,
And of use only [?] pass us by, or they [advertise?]"

  • [Simon Wilkinson] also points out that the voice sounds similar to that of Welsh actor Philip Madoc (heard very briefly here at links Simon provided: [1], [2].
  • Thanks again to [JimE] for noticing something else:

"there's a background sound throughout the song which could be "sweat-sweat" (in the first part of the song), with "tension" coming in later. It's hard to recognise as speech, but it could well be; one of the interviews says that the "percussion" in the track was constructed using the voice of the girlfriend of one of BoC."

  • A voice that sounds like a black male singing "No" fades in at 4:35 and continues throughout the song. (Sounds like another 70s/80s disco/funk sample) At 5:27 A scratchy sample saying "Yeah" is played forward, then backward, then forward again, with some additional scrubbing in between. At 6:00, "Yeah" plays again, but only once.



(skip to 26m40)