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Aquarius (song)

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Running time 5:58 (Aquarius, MHTRTC)
6:24 (Peel Session)
7:43 (Warp10)
Appears on Aquarius
Music has the Right to Children
Peel Session
Live @ Warp10

  • Aquarius contains a sample from the song of the same name on Galt MacDermot's 1979 soundtrack for the film "Hair" (the slap bass riff that's present throughout the Boards of Canada version).
  • Contains a sample from a sketch in a vintage Sesame Street episode (Orange).
  • One number heard throughout the sequence is sixtyten, a reference to the song of the same name on this album but also the brother's own label, Music70.
  • Has appeared in several forms, notably on the Aquarius 7" Single and also on the Peel Session recordings.

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