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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
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== External links==

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Beck - Broken Drum
Running time 5.39
Appears on 0602498640302


Samples / Lyrics

I see you there
your long black hair
your eyes just stare
your mind is turning

you know I'll laugh
and I won't take it back
I've seen your eyes I know
what you're thinking

and one by one
we'll shoot our guns
we'll have fun
don't ever doubt it

and when I say
fare thee well,
my only friend
oh how the days go

your setting sun
your broken drum
your little drugs

I'll never forget you


Beck, in an interview with Clash Magazine in the spring of 2005, mentioned that he had Boards Of Canada remix a song called "Outerspace," and according to, the remix was to be titled "Blank Space." However, "Outerspace" changed names to "Broken Drum" at the last minute, and the remix is now known as "Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix)." [1]

In the same interview, Beck described the remix as β€œβ€¦my favourite remix I’ve ever had done … they brought out something that was there but then they just added a whole new dimension. I guess it’s quite an emotional song and they brought out something bittersweet in it that was kinda hippyish, but it doesn’t maim you with saccharin. It kinda gets you right in the chest.” [2]


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