Beware The Friendly Stranger

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Beware The Friendly Stranger
Running time 0.38
Appears on Geogaddi


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • Contains a crackling campfire coupled with a short synth line to transition into the next song. It has been used several times a sort of theme song to David Firth's "Salad Fingers" flash cartoon series.


  • The 'Friendly Stranger' is mentioned, as the name of a bar, in "The Illuminatus! Trilogy". It's in the chapter entitled "the second trip, or chokmah":
"Then I met Mao Tsu-hsi.  It was April 30, Walpurgasnacht (pause for thunder on the soundtrack), and I was rapping with some of the crowd at the Friendly Stranger.  H.P. Lovecraft (the rock group, not the writer) was conducting services in the back room, pounding away at the door to Acid Land in the gallant effort, new and striking that year, to break in on waves of sound without any chemical skeleton key at all ..."
  • Beware-the-friendly-stranger.jpg

  • There was a PSA released in the '50s that portrayed homosexuals as predators, and contained the line "If you meet a stranger, be careful if they are too friendly."[1] The song title may be a reference to this.


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