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#REDIRECT [[Boc Maxima]]
{{Infobox Release|
| cover=BOC-album-04.jpg
| name=Boc Maxima
| release_date=1996
| format=Cassette <br> CD
| label=Music70
| catno=THS017
| runtime=64:38
Limited to fifty copies, pressed on both cassette and CD formats, the tracks on [[Boards of Canada|BoC]] Maxima range from previously released material to songs which to this day have yet to see wide re-release. Many of the tracks featured on this release would later be chosen for the track listing of [[Music Has The Right To Children]], though with some differences (notably on [[One Very Important Thought]].)
This release was broadcasted in full on France's [[Helter Skelter (radio programme)|Helter Skelter's radio programme]] in 2002.
[[Wildlife Analysis]], [[Boc Maxima]], [[Roygbiv]], [[Turquoise Hexagon Sun]] and [[One Very Important Thought]] later appeared on [[Music Has the Right to Children]]. [[Everything You Do Is A Balloon]], [[June 9th]], [[Nlogax]] and [[Turquoise Hexagon Sun]] also appear on [[Hi Scores (release)|Hi Scores]]. [[Rodox Video]], [[Nova Scotia Robots]], [[Skimming Stones]], [[Carcan]], [[M9]] and [[Original Nlogax]] appeared on [[A Few Old Tunes]] (albeit in slightly different forms). A longer version of [[Chinook]] appears on the [[Aquarius (release)|Aquarius]] single.
At 5:17, the version of Sixtyniner that appears is shorter than the version on the original [[Twoism (release)|Twoism]] release. However, when [[Twoism (release)|Twoism]] was publicly released in 2002, this 5:17 version was used instead.
As of 2020, [[Niagara]], [[Red Moss]], [[Concourse]] and [[Whitewater]] are exclusive to this release.
== Tracks ==
# "[[Wildlife Analysis]]" &ndash; 1:37
# "[[Chinook]]" &ndash; 4:39
# "[[Rodox Video]]" &ndash; 0:33
# "[[Everything You Do Is A Balloon]]" &ndash; 6:58
# "[[Boc Maxima (song)|Boc Maxima]]" &ndash; 1:36
# "[[Roygbiv]]" &ndash; 2:23
# "[[Nova Scotia Robots]]" &ndash; 1:21
# "[[June 9th]]" &ndash; 5:15
# "[[Niagara]]" &ndash; 0:51
# "[[Skimming Stones]]" &ndash; 2:06
# "[[Sixtyniner]]" &ndash; 5:07
# "[[Red Moss]]" &ndash; 6:22
# "[[Concourse]]" &ndash; 1:41
# "[[Carcan]]" &ndash; 1:48
# "[[Nlogax]]" &ndash; 5:12
# "[[M9]]" &ndash; 3:40
# "[[Original Nlogax]]" &ndash; 1:09
# "[[Turquoise Hexagon Sun]]" &ndash; 5:06
# "[[Whitewater]]" &ndash; 6:09
# "[[One Very Important Thought]]" &ndash; 1:05
== See Also ==
* [ Discogs]
*[ Info about the new scan]
== Artwork ==
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ordermethod = created
== Videos ==
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