Boc Maxima (release)

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Boc Maxima
Label(s) Music70
Catalogue No(s) THS017
Release date(s) 1996
Format(s) Cassette
Running time(s) 64:38

Limited to fifty copies, pressed on both cassette and CD formats, the tracks on Boc Maxima range from previously released material to songs which to this day have yet to see wide re-release. Many of the tracks featured on this release would later be chosen for the track listing of Music Has The Right To Children, though with some differences (notably on "One Very Important Thought".)

This release was broadcasted in full on France's Helter Skelter's radio programme in 2002.

"Wildlife Analysis", "Boc Maxima", "Roygbiv", "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" and "One Very Important Thought" later appeared on Music Has the Right to Children. "Everything You Do Is A Balloon", "June 9th", "Nlogax" and "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" also appear on Hi Scores. "Rodox Video", "Nova Scotia Robots", "Skimming Stones", "Carcan", "M9" and "Original Nlogax" appeared on A Few Old Tunes (albeit in slightly different forms). A longer version of "Chinook" appears on the Aquarius single.

At 5:17, the version of "Sixtyniner" that appears is shorter than the version on the original Twoism release. However, when Twoism was publicly released in 2002, this 5:17 version was used instead.

As of 2020, "Niagara", "Red Moss", "Concourse" and "Whitewater" are exclusive to this release.


  1. "Wildlife Analysis" – 1:37
  2. "Chinook" – 4:39
  3. "Rodox Video" – 0:33
  4. "Everything You Do Is A Balloon" – 6:58
  5. "Boc Maxima" – 1:36
  6. "Roygbiv" – 2:23
  7. "Nova Scotia Robots" – 1:21
  8. "June 9th" – 5:15
  9. "Niagara" – 0:51
  10. "Skimming Stones" – 2:06
  11. "Sixtyniner" – 5:07
  12. "Red Moss" – 6:22
  13. "Concourse" – 1:41
  14. "Carcan" – 1:48
  15. "Nlogax" – 5:12
  16. "M9" – 3:40
  17. "Original Nlogax" – 1:09
  18. "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" – 5:06
  19. "Whitewater" – 6:09
  20. "One Very Important Thought" – 1:05

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