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Mike and Marcus may be reclusive but their fans certainly aren't! This page lists a wide variety of online BoC-related communities and domains.

Social Media

Volg het bord Boards of Canada van Frederik op Pinterest.



We have a private chat group (WATB) on Telegram, contact @frederik81 for an invite.

There is also a public voip channel via Discord.

You can add music to our collaborative YouTube and/or Spotify playlists.

We also broadcast fine music to our Lush Transmissions channel.


Too oldskool for the new stuff? We got you covered with a channel on IRC:



Facebook holds a pretty big and lively community of boc fanatics.

These Yahoo groups used to be active back in the days, long before the big current social media channels. Still a neat archive!


Disqus has been installed on this wiki.

You can use it to leave comments at the bottom of each individual page.