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Running time 1:41
Appears on BoC Maxima


  • A spliced up dialogue taken from Episode 509 of Bob Vila's Home Again: "I notice that you ... well it's another one of these ... right! that is correct. that's interesting! great! right! uh we, now, those, uh, looks like full-dimensional ... right! that's correct. yeah, mm hm, uh, right, that's correct." ... ... "well, it makes a lot of sense!"[1]
  • The timestamps for the episode are:
    • 09:45 "I noticed that you.."
    • 11:01 "It's another one of these.."
    • 10:45 "right, that's correct.."
    • 08:49 "looks like full-dimensional.."
    • 11:42 "well, it makes a lot of sense.."


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