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Boards of Canada's discography essentially falls in two camps.

  • The well-known releases that followed after the duo were signed, first to SKAM and then to Warp Records, which can be purchased in any decent record shop.
  • The releases which precede this, of which original copies are exceptionally rare. Much of the knowledge we have of the latter is due to The Cosmic Crofter's webpage, which is now defunct.
    • The exceptions: vopies of BoC Maxima and the "Old Tunes" tapes which are almost certainly legitimate are readily available on the p2p networks.
    • Many albums which purport to be other rare releases are commonplace too, but almost without exception, these have proven to be fakes of varying qualities so far.and Geogaddi.


General Releases


Eps and 12"s)

Live Bootlegs

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Rare/Early releases Catalog 3Acid MemoriesCloses Vol. 1Play by NumbersHooper BayBoC MaximaOld Tunes Vol. 1Old Tunes Vol. 2Random 35 Tracks TapeGeogaddi (test pressing)
General releases (albums) Music Has the Right to ChildrenGeogaddiThe Campfire HeadphaseTomorrow's Harvest
General releases (EPs/12"s) TwoismHi ScoresAquariusPeel SessionIn a Beautiful Place out in the CountryTrans Canada Highway
Mixtapes Marcus Eoin's Campfire MixtapeSocietas x Tape
Live Sets Warp10The LighthouseAll Tomorrow's PartiesOther live sets
Promotional Releases Telephasic WorkshopMHTRTC (promo cassette)Orange RomedaGeogaddi (promo lp)Geogaddi (promo cassette)------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------
Produced by BoC for Others Here Come the Rubber Cops
Bootleg Releases Unreleased Tracks
Other KaleidoscopePromotional ItemsT-Shirts