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Boards of Canada's discography is filled with relatively well-known creations down to esoteric, rarely heard of or seen albums. Commerically, the dyad has only release three full length albums to date with two EPs in between Music Has the Right to Children and Geogaddi. Rumor has it that the twosome may release an EP in 2006 but that has yet to be confirmed.

  • Geogaddi: 18 February 2002, CD + 3xLP + Limited edition hardbound, WARP101
Geogaddi (test pressing): February 2002, blue colored LP (limited to 10 copies), WARPLP101
Geogaddi (promo): 12 January 2001, LP, WARPLP101P
Telephasic Workshop/Roygbiv 10": 1998, 10" LP (limited to 200 copies), 10WARPLP055P
  • Aquarius: 5 January 1998, 7" LP (limited to 500 copies), KMAS001
  • Twoism: 1995, Cassette + LP (100 copies originally printed, now many), BOARD1