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Running time 3.35
Appears on Geogaddi


Gyroscope is track number 4 on the Geogaddi album.

  • When asked of one memorable experience from the production of this album, Marcus Eoin stated: "Yeah for me it would be the track Gyroscope. I dreamed the sound of it, and although I've recreated dreamt songs before, I managed to do that one so quickly that the end result was 99% like my dream. It spooks me to listen to it now."
  • Samples the famous "Conet Project" which compiled various recordings of "number stations" and shortwave radio transmissions. This starts at about 48 seconds into the song.
  • There is also some reversed guitar parts that swirl into the mix near the end of the track, which some have said may be from a 12-string.
  • [Steven Norgate] says that the sample is from the film Mercury Rising, about an autistic boy who is considered dangerous because of his ability to decipher a government code; he is protected by Bruce Willis' character while being pursued by a government agent. I'm told that the sample is probably from a tense scene in which the boy and Willis end up in a crowded lift with their pursuer, eyeing each other warily, while the boy reads out the floor numbers in an emotionally detached way. (Not confirmed).
  • [Brian Palan] mentioned that the voice reading numbers in "Gyroscope" on Geogaddi isn't from the film Mercury Rising but that it's taken from a recording on the Conet Project boxed set. The Conet Project documents "numbers stations" which are found all along the shortwave radio spectrum. They're used by the world's intelligence agencies to send secret messages to agents in the field. If anyone would like to read more, go to: [1]