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== Videos ==
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Happy Cycling
Running time 1:49 (AFOT)
7:51 (MHTRTC)
7:56 (Peel Session)
7:27 (Live @ Warp10)
7:55 (ATP))
Appears on AFOT
Peel Session
Live @ Warp10
Happy Cycling is the name of two unrelated musical compositions by Boards of Canada: an earlier piece appearing on A Few Old Tunes, and a later composition which forms the basis of all tracks named Happy Cycling on Boards of Canada's general releases and known live recordings.

Samples / Lyrics

(Interviewer's voice): "... to tell us about backwards masking ??? and the Electric Light Orchestra. A whole crowd of ... got all ... because they thought that if ... but, when it was hand-spun backwards on a turntable, and it said something like 'Christ is inferno'. Anyway, it was enough to ... cause some problems for ELO and Jeff Lynne in particular."
(Jeff Lynne's voice): "It is absolutely ...don't ask why I said that. It didn't say anything, anything of the sort. And uhm, that was fact, it was a mistake, isn't it. Because anyone who can write a song played forwards and have it say something else backwards has got to be some kind of genius, and that I ain't! I was upset at first by the accusations, you know, but now, but now I would find them funny ... we're totally innocent of all those claims ... and we're all God-fearing chaps!"[5][6]


  • A shorter version of the recent one also appears in Kid Loco's DJ-Kicks.
  • [Alex D] - There is an electronic music company called cycling 74, who make MAX/MSP among other things; and it could just possibly be a reference to that.
  • [Mark S] - Many have suspected the title as being a reference to Albert Hofmann's trip on LSD known as Bicycle Day.
  • [Forfy] - The Peel Session version was used in season two, episode twelve of Six Feet Under.


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