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{{Infobox Release|
| name=Hi Scores
| cover=Hi Scores.jpg
| release_date=Dec 1996
| format=CD <br> 12"
| label=Skam
| catno=SKA008CD <br> SKA008
| runtime=33:34
''Hi Scores'' is a 1996 EP by [[Boards of Canada]], released on both CD and Vinyl formats. The EP was subsequently re-released in 1998, 2002, 2005 and fully remastered from the original DAT tapes in 2014. It constitutes Boards of Canada's second official release since 1995's ''[[Twoism]]''. The track "[[Turquoise Hexagon Sun]]" would later find its way on to Boards of Canada's seminal ''[[Music Has the Right to Children]]''.
== Tracks ==
== Tracks ==
# "[[Hi Scores (song)|Hi Scores]]" &ndash; 4:57
# "[[Turquoise Hexagon Sun]]" &ndash; 5:09
# "[[Nlogax]]" &ndash; 6:54
# "[[June 9th]]" &ndash; 5:18
# "[[Seeya Later]]" &ndash; 4:12
# "[[Everything You Do Is A Balloon]]" &ndash; 7:04
== Hi Scores Trivia ==
* Hi Scores is mastered by Darrell Fitton aka Bola
* On the 2014 remaster and re-release, the left and right audio channels appeared to have been reversed. This was later elaborated upon and, due to an issue with the original transfer in 1996, it was the original release in which the left and right audio channels where truly reversed. When the original DAT tape masters where used for the 2014 remastering of the EP, the channels where subsequently restored back to their original form as originally intended.
* "[[Nlogax]]" contains a sample of Indeep's 1983 hit "Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life."
* It has been suggested that the "hi" of "Hi Scores" could refer to the initials of [[Boards of Canada|BoC]]'s alias [[Hell Interface]].
* The Braille on the label: Some have interpreted it as having typos. In fact, it is quite correct. If you read it using a simple alphabetic Braille chart, you get "bo?ds ? canada", where the "?" represent characters not found on the chart. Numbering the dots in column one from top down as 1,2,3, and column two as 4,5,6, the two odd characters are 3-4-5 and 1-2-3-5-6, and reference to a more complete [ braille listing] reveals that the first of these symbols stands for the letter pair [ar], and the second represents the word [of], so the sticker does indeed read "boards of canada". [DC]
== Critical Reviews ==
1. Hi Scores
* [ Pitchfork Media Review by Paul Cooper]
2. Turquoise Hexagon Sun
* ['s Review by Sean Cooper]
* [ Review at the Milk Factory]
== Relevant Links ==
3. Nlogax
* [ Warp Records]
4. June 9th
* []
== Artwork ==
5. Seeya Later
category = Hi Scores artwork
ordermethod = created
6. Everything You Do Is a Balloon

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