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On this page you can find an overview of all the interviews with a direct link to each individual article, grouped by era.

In April 2017 we created a brand new page that will host notable interview quotes on various domains.


To Do

There are a lot of (mainly foreign) interviews in our possession that aren't yet uploaded to bocpages because they still require a lot of attention. All help in either transcribing and/or translating to English is appreciated. We also miss a lot of magazine scans.

See below for the details. Contact me if you would like to help us out.

PS: They seem to really like Japanese interviewers. [1] They often go more in-depth in their questions, and BoC follows suit in their lengthier responses. Check the translated Japanese interviews which recently got added to the wiki.

Music Has the Right to Children era

1997-09: De:Bug

"Hardware Addicts" (in German) by Gregor Wildermann

De:Bug No.03, p.06 online [1]

1998-03-25: EHX

"The Age of Aquarius" by the Cosmic Crofter

EHX [2] [3] [4] [5]


1998-04: Jockey Slut

"Board Clever" by Richard Hector-Jones

Jockey Slut, Volume 2 Number 13 (April/May 1998) [6] [7]

  • ISSN: 1360-5798

1998-04-14: Forcefield

"A Bunker Full of Memories" by René Passet

Forcefield online interview [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]


Republished in Pop Is Dead fanzane (aka pissdead) issue #7 (February, 1999) [13] [14]

1998-05: De:Bug

"Nice Melodies from Nice People" by Thaddeus Herrmann (in German), online

1998-06: Virgin Megaweb

"Two Aesthetes of Electronic Music" (in French) by Ariel Kyrou & Jean-Yves Leloup

Virgin Megaweb online interview [15]

Translation: [16]

1998-06: Coda

"Boards of Canada: Entre Nostalgie de L'enfance et Paranoia du Futur" (In French) by Ariel Kyrou

Coda Number 45 pp.40-41

Essentially an alternate version of the Virgin Megaweb interview above

1998-06: Prémonition

"Boards of Canada: Moins industriel et plus champêtre..." (In French) by Quetin Groslier

Prémonition Number 29 p.35

1998-07: Magic

"Les Alchimistes" (In French) by Sylvain Collin

Magic Number 21 p.60

1998-08: Massive

"?Boards of Canada?" by Kelley Schwartz

Massive Number 20 (August 1 1998) [17] [18]

1998-11: Alternative Press

"Boards of Canada: Youthful Transgressions" by Justin B Hampton

Alternative Press Number 124 p.84 [19]

1998-Winter: Space Age Bachelor

Space Age Bachelor 12 cover.jpg
Interview by Donald Anderson

Space Age Bachelor 12 (Winter 1998), p. 3

1999-02: URB

"Children Have the Right to Film" by Daniel Chamberlin

URB magazine [20] [21]

  • ISSN: 1081-9924

1999-05: Rumore

"Facce Nuove: Boards of Canada" (In Italian) by Gian Paolo Giabini

Rumore Number 88 p.11

1999-10: Jockey Slut

"Warp Factor Ten!: Boards of Canada" by Toby Manning

Short interviews with Warp artists and founders on Warp's 10th anniversary

Jockey Slut, Volume 2 Number 22 (October/November 1999) [22]

  • ISSN: 1360-5798

2000-01: Coda

"Les Chant Future Des Musiques Electroniques" (in French) by Max Renn

Coda Series 02 Number 09 p.21 [23]

2000-12: Jockey Slut

"Boards of The Underground" by Richard Southern

Jockey Slut Volume 3 Number 11 (Dec 2000) [24] [25] [26]

  • ISSN: 1360-5798

2001-01: The Face

"Breaking Into Heaven" by Emma Warren

The Face Volume 3 Number 48 [27]

  • ISSN: 0263-1210

2001-03: XLR8R

"Big Country" by Steve Nicholls

XLR8R Issue 47 (March 2001), online [28] [29] [30]

  • ISSN: 1526-4246

Geogaddi era

2002-02: HMV

"The Colour & The Fire" by Mark Pytlik

HMV online interview

Internet Archive

  • ISSN: 1183-0417

2002-02-23: NME

"The Secret Life of Boards of Canada" by John Mulvey

NME, 23 February 2002, pp. 24,53 [31] [32] [[33], [34], [35], [36]] [37] [38]

  • ISSN: 0028-6362

2002-02: Les Inrockuptibles

"Une Cabane Au Canada"(in French) by Joseph Ghosn

Les Inrockuptibles (February/March 2002) Number 327 pp. 20-23 [39] Extended Interview:[40]

2002-03: Blow Up

"Boards of Canada: I Colori Della Musica Elettronica" (In Italian) by Beppe Recchia

Blow Up Number 46 pp. 24-27

2002-03: Buzz

"The Last Unexplored Area of Boards of Canada" by Satokuzen Nakamoto Hiroi

Buzz Volume 31 pp. 12-16

2002-03: Cookie Scene

"In An Imaginary Place Out In The Country" by ...

Cookie Scene Number 24 pp. 09-15

2002-03: MondoSonoro

"El Cielo Herido" (in Spanish) by David Broc

MondoSonoro Number 83 pp. 28-29 online

Original online copy (Internet Archive)

Incomplete translation

2002-03: OOR

"Boards of Canada: Even voorstellen..." (in Dutch) by Koen Poolman

OOR Number 06 pp. 20-22

Full Interview: "Play Twice Before Listening" by Koen Poolman [41]

  • ISSN: 0921-1616

2002-03: Rumore

"Generazione-Laptop: Boards of Canada" (in Italian) by Rossano Lo Mele

Rumore Number 122 pp. 48-50

2002-03: Trax

"Boards of Canada: Terra Incognita" (in French) by Patrice Bardot

Trax Number 50 pp. 60-62

2002-04: Fader

"Boards of Canada: B to the O to the C" (in Japanese) by Nobuki Nishiyama?

Fader Volume 07 pp. A002-A003

2002-04: Rock Sound

"Boards of Canada: Ritmo e Dolore" (in Italian) by Otto Gordini

Rock Sound Number 48 pp. 84-85

2002-04: Snoozer

"Boards of Canada: We're making music that has its own universe and time..." (in Japanese) by Ryota Kato/Jiro Dai

Snoozer Number 30 pp. 40-45

2002-04: Spex

"Boards of Canada: Der Eckige Kreis" (in German) by Holger In't Veld/Heiko Zwirner

Spex Number 253 pp. 72-75

#253 (March 2002) [42]

  • ISSN: 0178-6830

2002-05: Alternative Press

"Stoned Immaculate" by Philip Sherburne

Alternative Press Number 166

  • ISSN:1065-1667

2002-06 Il Mucchio

"Innaturale Digitale" (in Italian) by Ugo Malatacca/Tatiana Bazzichelli

IL Mucchio Number 491 pp.12-14

2002-06: URB

"Country Comfort" by Alexis Georgopoulos

URB magazine Volume 12 Number 94 pp. 86-87

  • ISSN: 1081-9924

2002-07: Grooves

"The Power of Myth" by Piotr Orlov

This is not an original interview; rather, it is a collage of quotes taken from the NME interview, the HMV interview and the Fader interview

Grooves, Issue 08 [43] [44]

  • ISSN: 1555-3264

2002-07: Remix

"Northern Exposure" by Ken Micallef

Remix magazine Volume 4 Number 7 pp. 22-4?

Original online copy (Internet Archive)

  • ISSN: 1532-1347
  • GALE: A88684002

2002-10: Fractal Press

"Boards of Canada..." (in Greek) by Christos Karras

Fractal Press Magazine Number 131 pp. 20-21

The Campfire Headphase era

2005-09-26: Pitchfork

"The Downtempo Duo" by Heiko Hoffmann online interview

2005-10: De:Bug

"Spirit, Logic & Mathematics" (in German) by Hendrik Lakeberg

De:Bug #93 (October 2005), p 28 - text - pdf

Note: The online text version has a publishing date of 03.01.206

  • ISSN:

2005-10: Sonic

"Boards of Canada: De var först med... (in Swedish) by Billy Rimgard

Sonic Issue 25 (Fall 2005) pp.40-45

"Rain in Edinburgh, Imported Lager and a Car Ride with Boards of Canada" Blog [45]

2005-10: The List

"The Great Escape" by Mark Robertson

The List #533 (October 2005), pp. 18-19 [46]

  • ISSN 0959-1915

2005-10: Wire

"Protect and Survive" by Rob Young

The Wire Issue 260 (October 2005), pp. 40-47 [47]

  • ISSN: 0952-0686

2005-10-03: Trax

"La Part du Feu" (in French) by Frank Bedos

Trax Number 88 pp. 32-37 [48] [49]

  • ISSN: 1284-862X

2005-10-12: Metro

"Splendid Isolation" by Neil Davenport

Metro, MetroLife section, 12 Oct 2005 [50]

2005-10-14: DJ Mag

2005 10 DJ Mag Oct 14-27 Vol04 No01 pg50.jpg
"Around The Campfire" by Paul Clarke

DJ Mag Volume 04 Number 01 (Oct.14 - Oct. 27) pp.50-51

archive from Author's blog

2005-10-18: Humo

"Cross Out the Inappropriate" (in Dutch) by Kristoff Tilkin

Humo 3398, 18 Oct 2005, pp. 190-191

  • ISSN: 0771-8179

2005-10-20: Playlouder

"Above Board!" by Gal Detourn

Online interview [51]

2005-10-25: Bounce

"Boards of Canada: Vintage psychedelia... (in Japanese) by Riow Harada

Bounce Number 270, online [52]

2005-10-25: Vibe

"Sweet and Sour Melodies Wander Around between Positive and Celebrative Sounds and Swaying Sadness" by Masaaki Hara (original interview in Japanese, translated to English by Naoko Ross)

Vibe, online [53]

2005-10-26: Earplug

"Stirred Up The Ashes" by Heiko Hoffmann

Earplug online Issue 54 Internet Archive

From the same Hoffmann interview as seen in Pitchfork, Groove, and After Hours.

2005-10-28: The Times

"Two for the No-Show" by Will Hodgkinson

The Times, 28 Oct 2005

2005-11: Clash

"It's our take on a pop record" by Brian Murnin

Clash, Issue 11 (Nov/Dec 2005) [54], online

  • ISSN: 1743-0801

2005-11: Exclaim!

"Boards of Canada's Seasons in the Sun" by Kevin Hainey

Exclaim! November 2005 issue p.15 online

  • ISSN: 1207-6600

2005/11 Go Mag

"Boards of Canada: La Materia De La Que Están Hechos Los Sueños" (In Spanish) by Javier Blánquez

Go Mag Number 61 pp. 32-36

2005-11: Groove

"Boards of Canada: O Brothers, Where Art Thou? (in German) by Heiko Hoffmann

Groove Number 97 (Nov/Dec), online

2005:11 Les Inrockuptibles

"Boards of Canada: C'est La Ouate Qu'ils Préfèrent" (In French) by Joseph Ghosn

Les Inrockuptibles Number 520 pp.52-54

2005-11: Loud

"Boards of Canada: Scotland's Greatest Mystery" (In Japanese) by Akiho Ishii

Loud Magazine Number 131 pp.32-35

2005-11: OOR

"The Last Secret of Pop" (in Dutch) by Koen Poolman

OOR Number 10 pp. 64-68 [[55],[56]] [57]

  • ISSN 0921-1616

2005-11-14: LosingToday

"Wide Use of Guitars" by Fabio Cagnetti

LosingToday, issue 08, Pg. 33, online [58]

2005-12: After Hours

"Special Long Long Interview" (in Japanese) by Heiko Hoffmann

After Hours Magazine 10 December 2005 (Autumn/Winter) Number 22 pp. 17-25

This essentially pieces together the Hoffmann interview. See: Pitchfork, Groove and Earplug interviews

2005-12: Crossbeat

"Boards of Canada: The new work is like a bright-blue-green color..." (In Japanese) by Takuro Ueno

Crossbeat Volume 266 pp.120-123

2005-12: Keys


Keys 12/2005 Issue [59] [60]

  • ISSN: 0938-3573

2005-12-01: Remix

"Emotional Abuse" by Erin Hutton

Remix Vol. 7 No. 12 (December 2005), p26-30, online

  • ISSN: 1532-1347
  • GALE: A139288849

2006-01: RE:UP

"Peering Out from Behind the Curtain" by Steve Marchese

RE:UP Manual 09 (~Jan 2006), pp. 28-31

Author's blog entry

2006-01: Cookie Scene

"The Golden Apples Of The Sun"

Cookie Scene Volume 46 pp.18-21 by Kazumichi Sato/Hidetsugu Ito

Tomorrow's Harvest era

See also the review articles: Tomorrow's Harvest#Reviews

2013-06: De:Bug

"The Charms of the Sphinx" by De:Bug, June 17, 2013 [61] [62]

2013-06: NY Times

"Brothers Who Make Electronica by Hand" by Jon Pareles, June 11, 2013 [63] [64]

2013-06: The Guardian

"We've Become a Lot More Nihilistic over the Years" by Louis Pattison, June 6, 2013 [65] [66]

2013-07: De Volkskrant

"Band of Brothers" by Gijsbert Kamer, July 17, 2013 [67]

2013-07: Il Mucchio

"L'Assenza Di Domani" by Damir Ivic, July, 2013 [68]

2013-07: Magic RPM

"Les Champs de la Machine" by Sylvain Collin, July, 2013 [69]

2013-07: Humo

"Talk To The Hand, Chokri" by Kristoff Tilkin, July 16, 2013 [70]




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