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| appearson=[[Geogaddi]]}}
| appearson=[[Geogaddi]]}}<br>
[[image:Season_of_the_Witch_Cover.jpg|thumb|left|The cover of John Romero's 1972<br> film, "Season of the Witch]]
''The cover of John Romero's 1972<br> film, "Season of the Witch".''

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Julie and Candy
Running time 5:30
Appears on Geogaddi
The cover of John Romero's 1972
film, "Season of the Witch


  • In interviews, Boards of Canada have used Julie and Candy as a point of reference for their approach to music production:
Remix Magazine, July 2002
  • "In the past, we've taken a much more minimal approach to the texture, like single melody lines where you could clearly hear the instrument. I guess we're heading back toward that empty sound now after Geogaddi, but sometimes it's nice to make a track that just sounds like a weird cacophony of undefined instruments. Most of "Julie and Candy" was actually made up of recorders and flutes."
HMV Magazine, February 2002
  • "We don't like using digital things or computer effects so we get sounds by doing things like running whole parts through a really bad tape recorder or something like that. Like the intro on 'Julie and Candy' for example, we just played the melody on a couple of whistles and then we bounced it back and forward between the internal mics of two tape-decks until the sound started disappearing into hell. Like when you look at an image reflected within two mirrors forever, in the distance it gets darker and greener and murkier."


  • In the opening bars of Julie and Candy (and again at 2:46), a sample of dialogue taken from George A. Romero's 1972 film "Season of The Witch" (alternately titled "Hungry Wives") can be heard:
Shirley: "You're putting me on!"
Gregg: "We're going to try it, you ever try it?"
Shirley: "You're putting me on!"
Gregg: "I'm TURNING you on."
Shirley: "You're putting me on! Where did you get that stuff?"
Gregg: "Oh, Nikki's growing a patch out in the backyard".
Shirley: "Come on, you're putting me on."
Nikki: "Yeah, he's putting you on, he's a brat!"
Shirley: "Uh-huh. Sure, sure!"

To hear the original audio sampled from "Season of the Witch", click here.