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Kid For Today

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Kid for Today
Running time 6:23
Appears on In a Beautiful Place out in the Country EP


  • It has been suggested that the percussive clicking noise heard throughout Kid For Today is the sound of a slide projector. [DC]
  • "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles includes a drum fill featuring a distinctive tambourine at 0:57; this seems to be the source of the drum loop beginning at 3:00 in Kid for Today (as well as one of the drum loops in Sequoia). The sample is slowed down slightly and only uses the left channel. [1] Coincidentally, the line followed by the drum loop in Strawberry Fields Forever is 'Nothing is Real'.


It appears this track was originally intended for an LP on Skam. An unfinished (and at that time, untitled) version of this track appeared as a bonus track on a one-off BoC Maxima cassette given as a present to the girl who appears on the Geogaddi cover.[2]


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