Kid For Today

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Kid for Today
Running time 6:23
Appears on In a Beautiful Place out in the Country EP


  • It appears this track was originally intended for an LP on Skam. An unfinished (and at that time, untitled) version of this track appeared as a bonus track on a one-off BoC Maxima cassette given as a present to the girl who appears on the Geogaddi cover. [1] Also the EHX website had an audio clip titled "Kid For Today (1997) (unreleased)" which corroborates with the possibility of it having an early origin. [2][3]

Samples / Lyrics

  • It has been suggested that the percussive clicking noise heard throughout Kid For Today is the sound of a slide projector. [DC]
  • The drums starting from 3:00 may be sampled from "Fragment" by "Bleach" from their 1992 album "Hard"[4]. The drum loop is the same as the one used in "Sequoia".
    • "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles includes a similar drum fill featuring a distinctive tambourine at 0:57; this may have been a source of inspiration for Bleach. [5] Coincidentally, the line followed by the drum loop in Strawberry Fields Forever is 'Nothing is Real'.


  • This track contains the same chord progression as that of 'Olson (Version 3)', albeit 6 semitones (half-steps) higher in scale.



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