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Live @ ATP

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Live @ ATP was a collection of the songs played during the perfomance of Boards of Canada at the 2001 All Tomorrow's Parties. Although unofficial and never released by Boards of Canada, they can be found widely on file-sharing networks in the complete form. As with all of their current live work, the collection includes songs that had never before been released and were unnamed.

All Tomorrow's Parties is an annual music festival. The 2001 edition, curated by Tortoise, took place at Camber Sands Holiday Centre, New Lydd Road, Camber Rye, East Sussex from April 6 through April 8. Boards of Canada performed on April 7th.


  1. Unknown2 – (6:23)
  2. Unknown2 – (7:32)
  3. "A is to B as B is to C"1 – (1:26)
  4. "Sunshine Recorder"1 – (6:29)
  5. "Sixtyten" – (5:51)
  6. Unknown2 – (1:44)
  7. Unknown2 – (8:26)
  8. "Julie and Candy"1 – (6:14)
  9. Unknown2 – (1:30)
  10. "Happy Cycling" – (7:55)
  11. "A is to B as B is to C"1 – (0:46)
  12. "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" – (5:46)

1: Not yet released at date of performance
2: Unreleased as of current date


Track 1

This track is relatively slow-paced when compared to the rest of the brothers discography. It feautures deep, warm and lovely sounding synths that are played very slowly and segue into each other excellently.


Recordings from this concert was never released. However, an audience bootleg from the show is widely available on mp3. Unfortunately, the quality is low, with heavy distortion in the lower frequencies.


On December 6, 2004, in the WATMM thread "Aphex Twin @ ATP", jbible mentioned that he was the one who had recorded BoC's performance. He provided some additional information about the recording:

  • Regarding the security:
    • "Wasnt easy. I sewed the recorder into my jacket and microphone down the inside of my sleeve."
    • "They were being real crazy about recordings and cameras....they had security taking discs and film. Pointing flashlights at people taking pictures."
  • Regarding the quality:
    • "Yeah I know the quality gets bad...I think it may have been a mix of being to close to the speaker and they seemed to get louder as the show went on. I had just purchased my MD right before my trip to Europe so it may have been a lack of experience with it as well. I got the AE set as well as some clips from some of the other performances. I think I still have the master MD's somewhere. Might be able to retransfer it and remaster eventually."
  • Regarding the show itself:
    • "At the time BOC was the highlight for me...since I had never seen them before...nor since. It was right after IABPOITC came out. My first time to EU. Day after I recorded the set I took a walk through the actual BPOITC that surrounded the festival venue and listened to the set. It was quite surreal."

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