National Film Board of Canada

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The National Film Board of Canada (usually National Film Board or NFB) is a Canadian public filmmaking organization established to produce and distribute films that inform Canadians and promote Canada around the world. Its name in French is Office national du film du Canada or ONF. The NFB is best known for its documentaries and animated short films, several of which have won Academy Awards. The NFB reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Canadian Heritage. It has French and English production branches.

As children growing up in Alberta, Canada, Mike and Marcus were exposed to NFB material from a young age, and have cited them as a major influence, going so far as to name their band Boards of Canada in homage. References to NFB films and shorts are found throughout their works, from track titles like "Pete Standing Alone" and "Kaini Industries" to audio samples in tracks such as "Energy Warning".

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