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Running time 0:51
Appears on BoC Maxima


  • Speech:
    • Man #1: "This is a ... uh ... map of the plan of William T. Love for a model industrial city ...."
    • Woman: "Please do tell!"
    • Man #1: "... This plan was to dig a canal from the Niagara River to the Niagara Escarpment."
    • Man #2: "We are located at the upper Niagara river gorge. Above the gorge itself is a residential community, the university."
  • A sample of giggling followed by two metallic-sounding high notes, which occurs at 0:22 and every 2 seconds thereafter, is taken from the end of a Sesame Street vignette in which a child writes out "I Love You" while sounding out the words. This is also heard at the end of The Color of the Fire.


  • The lyrics mention William T. Love, a real person who planned the canal described in the track, but did not finish it. The site later became the focus of an (unrelated) major environmental calamity. Probably the most objectionable part of this was the "Hooker Clause" by means of which the corporation attempted to absolve itself of any future blame (see the second article). [DC]