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Nothing Is Real

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Nothing Is Real
Running time 3:52
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Joe Clay: "Hey, it's "Roygbiv" Part II. Well, a sharper, less gauzy take on the MHTRTC classic. Like everything on Tomorrow's Harvest, it is not as accessible or friendly as their previous work, but it is definitely from the same gene-pool." [1]

Samples / Lyrics

  • At about 1:54 in the track a distorted voice says:

"Jesus, was it you indeed,"

"to flirt unkindly with my greed,"

"promising eternal life,"

"when you knew it was not right,"

"when you knew that what I'd need was oneness and comfort there?"

Isolated version of the track:

  • The opening line sounds like it may be two voices, with Jesus saying "Indeed" as an answer to, "Jesus, was it you?"


  • The title may be a reference to the Beatles' song 'Strawberry Fields Forever', which contains the line 'Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about', this may be relevant, as in interviews the Sandison brothers have expressed a strong interest in the Beatles' psychedelic works, Strawberry Fields Forever being one of their most psychedelic.
  • It may also be a reference to nihilism, as the brothers also expressed they had "become a lot more nihilistic over the years" [2]


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