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{{Infobox Song|
Given Boards of Canada's admitted fascination with the productions of the National Film Board of Canada, many in the idm community believe that "Pete Standing Alone" was inspired by [ this NFB project] of the same name.
| name=Pete Standing Alone
| runtime=6:07
| appearson=[[MHTRTC]]}} 
== Comments ==
* [[Pete Standing Alone]] refers to an actual person, an Albertan First Nations man named Pete Standing Alone, who in the film, [ Circle of the Sun (1960)] is our guide to his life as a typical young member of the Blood Tribe. He talks about his life and thoughts while he attends the traditional Sun Dance ritual, part of his people's struggle to keep their heritage alive. He appeared in 7 films made by the [[NFB|National Film Boards of Canada]]. [Joyrex]
[[image:Pete_Standing_Alone_Promotional_Still.jpg|thumb|left|NFB ''Standing Alone'' promotional photo]]
== Samples / Lyrics ==
* A distorted voice saying "bonds" can be heard several times in the track. This refers to the National Film Board of Canada film of the same name.<ref></ref>
* Starting at 5:04, you can hear a sound that sounds like a slide projector changing slide. It continues in time with the music.  It can also be heard briefly and quietly at 5:00, as if it was being started up.
== Trivia ==
* As explained above, [[Pete Standing Alone]] is also the name of an Albertan First nations man who was the subject of a [[National Film Board of Canada]] documentary called ''Standing Alone''.
*An orchestral version of [[Pete Standing Alone]] was arranged by Scottish composer [[wikipedia:David Horne (composer)|David Horne]] and performed by the [[wikipedia:London Sinfonietta|London Sinfonietta]] as part of the ''Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters'' concert series.  The piece was titled "Disintegrations 2". []
== Videos ==
== External links==
* [ ''Standing Alone'' on the NFB website]
* [ Pete Standing Alone Triology]
* [ London Sinfonietta - Warp Works & Twentieth Century Masters]
== References ==
<references />
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