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Powerhaus is a club in Islington, London. Boards of Canada played a show here in support of Seefeel on 31 October, 1999.


240 Seven Sisters Rd
Finsbury Park, N4 2HX


Blech night at the Powerhaus
Online flyer for 24 April 1999

Blech was the name of a monthly club night run by Warp Records.

The first Blech night was established in Sheffield in May 1996. A second Blech night in New York in January 1997. Warp brought a third Blech night to London in October 1997.

Blech London[edit]

  • Blech 01 (31 Oct 1997): Seefeel w/ Boards of Canada
  • Blech 02 (28 Nov 1997): Autechre w/ Cylob
  • Blech 03 (30 Jan 1998): Plone
  • Blech ?? (27 Mar 1998): Plaid w/ Strictly Kev
  • Blech ?? (24 Apr 1999): To Rococo Rot w/ Aphex Twin (DJ)
  • Blech ?? (May 1999): Aphex Twin (DJ)

They appear to have ended by September 1998.

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