R35TT A06

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R35TT A06
Running time 4:57
Appears on Random 35 Tracks Tape


Occasionally referred to as '5d' despite there being little basis for this assumption other than the length of the track being similar to that of a known track length of an unreleased song.

Samples / Lyrics

  • The initial sample in this track, lasting the duration of the piece, is a pitch/speed-altered version of the base sample for the track "Seven Forty Seven" released as part of the Warp20 (Unheared) compilation.
  • It also plays a very light sample, around 3 minutes 22 seconds in, of a woman with a southern American accent apparently pulling up to a drive-through fast food ordering microphone and asking "Yes, what comes with, uh, chicken fingers?" This same sample is played in the background of "Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)".



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