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Red Moon incident

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Timeline of events

  • April 22, 23 - Family Photo Album appears

A user with the name "Family Photo Album" appears on WATMM and starts a new thread entitled "? ?????? ??????". FPA makes three posts in the thread, two containing animated GIFs containing pictures of Mike and Marcus, images of nature and the text "100606". An account of the same name also appeared on this date on the Twoism forum.

  • May 11 - Martyrs Monument appears

A user with the name "Matyrs Monument" appears on WATMM, starting a thread entitled "g60h p5-20mh" about the first code and containing references to the Pentland Hills. An account of the same name also appears on Twoism, making two posts with roughly the same content.

  • May 12, 4:46 PM EST - Another Family Photo Album post

In the WATMM thread "g60h p5-20mh", Family Photo Album posts a cryptic message.

  • May 31 - More Martyrs Monument posts

In a WATMM thread about the second Red Moon image, Martyrs Monument posts a link to an mp3 entitled "10June.mp3". MM also posts a second comment about the mp3.

  • June 01 - Xerox

In the Twoism Red Moon thread, a new user named Xerox posts a message claiming to have a friend working with BoC setting up an event of some sort "in the next week".

  • June 05, ~2 PM EST -

A banner ad for appears on the xltronic messageboard (thread). This site has a pop-up of a kaleidoscopic campfire image with the text "6/6/6" and a short looped background music with campfire sounds. 836 is second smallest wierd number.

  • June 6, 1:49 PM EST - Another Martyrs Monument post

Marytrs Monument suggests that more will be revealed today.

  • June 6, ~10:10 AM EST

The link to rm.html from the contact page and the page at rm.html itself are now gone.

  • June 6 - Twoism breakthrough?

A group of users of the Twoism forum believe they have cracked the code. The method is detailed in the Red Moon Party thread. By inputting various portions of the numbers in the two Red Moon codes into a UK goverment mapping site, two closely-located positions in the Pentlands region south of Edinburgh are identified.

  • June 6 - music386 hoaxer revealed

An artist named Pycho takes credit for the music836 site as a promotion for his new mp3 release.

  • June 10 - Family Photo Album says farewell?

In a new posted entitled "Farewell.", Family Photo Album posts another cryptic message. The post contains the phrase "Answered Pointedly" (emphasis added) which leads some to believe the party is located at Redpoint.

  • June 11 - JimCanada

New user JimCanada posts a story about going to Redpoint on the 11th and finding signs of a bonfire and some melted tapes. In a second post, he posts a short mp3 that he claims was salvaged off one of the melted tapes.

  • June 11 - Family Photo Album cuts the crap

Family Photo Album makes a new thread entitled "Time to cut the crap." in which he admits that his posts, as well as the JimCanada posts, were a hoax.

  • June 11 - Twoism expedition results

User twofingersism posts a report on the results of the expedition of Twoism users who journied to the Pentland Hills hoping to find a BoC party based on the locations Twoism users determined on June 5th. In short, no signs of BoC, but a lovely time was had by the hopeful searchers, who built their own fire and kicked back with some beers and good tunes. Fellow searcher Licolnshire Poacher contributes a photo of the group.

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