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Running time 2:31
Appears on MHTRTC
BoC Maxima
Telephasic Workshop


  • There are lots of opinions on what is said, so make your own minds up. Suggestions include "say!" [DC], "Safe!" [John S.]; "Rain" [Rory]; "hey!", "faith", "a lake", "the sea", "yes" (backwards), and "yeah!" (backwards) - this last suggestion from [Kaini Industries] seems to get the popular vote. Take your pick!

Technical References

  • Roygbiv is an acronym for the colours of the rainbow, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.


  • Roy G. Biv is a common mnemonic for the order of the colours of the rainbow, like 'Richard of York gave battle in vain'. [DC]

Alpha Quest Mix

  • Roygbiv - Alphaquest Mix was a remix done by BoC specially for someone called Andy Soosay's student film. The track was leaked onto the net and is understood to be genuine. It's longer than the original at 6:23. The mix begins with the track Bocuma in its entirety. It's backed up by images of the actual DAT inlay which contains nuggets such as "Custom DIY job for Andy Soosay", "Date Time: Thursady 15th May 1997", "SOURCE: Brown source or tomato source" and "COMMENTS: Yeah, it's pretty good".
  • Additional words in the Alpha Quest mix are as follows:

Doorways up and down the hall
Wonder what's behind them all?
Doors that lead to anywhere
Got to A, B, C what's there
Got to A, B, C, Decide
Where's the door I haven't tried?
A, B, C, D, East and West
Going on an Alphaquest!"