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Rue the Whirl

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Rue the Whirl
Running time 6:39
Appears on MHTRTC


  • Describing the influence of nature on their art, Mike and Marcus related the following story to Virgin Megaweb about the production of "Rue the Whirl":

"There's this track on the album called "Rue The Whirl", where you can hear birds singing. What happened was that I was listening to 
the track, and, oddly, I could hear birds singing. Then I realized that the window was open in the studio, and since the birdsong
went so well with the music, we recorded it to capture the feel of what we experienced listening with the window open"
(Virgin Megaweb Magazine, 1998).
  • In a 1998 Interview with the now defunct Space Bachelor, Marcus Sandison described "Rue the Whirl" thus:
"That's a simple track. It has a predominate woodwind riff, ascending over and over, which puts you in a trance, but there are some 
evolving textures in there which may or may not be obvious at first, such as birds and water. It has similar hypnotizing effect to
something like the melodies you hear from a rusty swing, needed to be oiled or machinery on a journey, or even a windscreen wiper,
the noise it makes over and over. The surrounding environment is continuously moving. I think it works well because everybody wants
to rue the whirl."

"Rue The Whirl" is featured on a 2007 Mercedes-Benz C class advert.


Mercedes-Benz C class advert at